Sienna Wild Live in Melbourne

Sienna Wild Live in Melbourne

Melbourne indie rockers Sienna Wild announce the release of their live EP, Sienna Wild: Live in Melbourne. Recorded at a sold out show at Melbourne's The Tote Hotel on the 31 st of January this year, the EP features four tracks from the final show of the band's national You Wouldn't Know tour. Having played Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane in the preceding weeks, the band's hometown show was the culmination of months of studio work, rehearsals, and time on the road on their wildly successful first ever national tour.

When asked about what stood out to him on the night, Sienna Wild front man and bassist Louis Goutos said, "I remember in particular when I think back on the night, the highlight had to be everybody singing our songs back to us. It was just suc h an amazing supp ort – everyone who came out to see us play. It was a hot night. We were feeling good, and we were feeling loose. We had a really good tour, so we were happy to share our last night with our friends and family, so we're hoping you hear that when the EP come s out, and we remember those moments together." Drummer Lucas Manitta adds, "What I remember most about that night – I think it actually was, probably, the hottest night ever... yeah the room was filled up like sardines, and it was like 45 degrees outside...if you actually watch the live videos on YouTube of that gig, you can actually see how much sweat was coming off us."


That sweaty gritty energy translates to an EP that provides a taste of how raucous and engaging the band are live. Fans of Catfish and the Bottlemen, Eskimo Joe and Arctic Monkeys should get around this. Given the current COVID - 19 climate, this may be the closest we'll get to a Sienna Wild show this year.


Sienna Wild is Louis Goutos (bass and vocals), Jonathan Giokas (lead guitar) Lewis Ciavarella (rhythm guitar and backing vocals) and Lucas Manitta (drums).