Zekiel Energy

Zekiel Energy

Sydney-based rapper ZEKIEL has returned with his second single of the year "Energy", co-written and produced by critically acclaimed producer Taka Perry, who has previously worked with the likes of M-Phazes, Mick Schultz, Max Frost and Ruel. The song's darkly addictive flow marks a pronounced growth in Zekiel's sound, distinguishing him as one of the most exciting new artists in Australia's hip hop scene.


"Energy" is the follow up to Zekiel's first single of 2020, "9 Days Straight", which was praised by Music Feeds, PileRats, Fen Hong Se and more, as well as scoring an addition to Nic Kelly's Project U playlist


In Taka Perry's words: "Zeke and I were hanging at my place one evening and we started working on some ideas in the studio. I started putting together a beat, and within 20 minutes I pretty much had most of the beat for 'Energy' done. Zeke jumped on the mic and within another hour we had pretty much recorded the whole song. The song came together so naturally and effortlessly, the vibe in the room was great. The vocals on the song are for the most part the first take that Zeke recorded that night".

Growing up in the Queensland town of Mackay, 23-year-old ZEKIEL is one of six children. Moving to Brisbane at 18, ZEKIEL flexed his newfound passion for writing and performing, while working hard independently promoting his music, before the hustle saw him move to Sydney in 2019.

Quickly building a network of talented next-generation artists around him, ZEKIEL puts a particular emphasis on collaboration and championing the success of those around him. It's something he believes that makes this new generation of musicians unique. Instead of viewing each other as competition in this cut-throat industry, they work collaboratively on each other's projects.

Since moving to Sydney he's worked with the likes of Thelma Plum, Cosmo's Midnight and Jack Gray - as well as working as a topliner and guest writer. His 2019 track "Skipping School" saw ZEKIEL come into his own as a solo artist, and was praised by the likes of PileRats and Life Without Andy.

Wise beyond his years, ZEKIEL says of his craft: "It's hip-hop. It's pop. It's songwriting. It's ZEKIEL. I love melodies, I love a good beat, but personally, I try to focus on storytelling more than anything. If I can connect to a concept or an idea, I can really hone in and bring it to life. If the lyrics stir a feeling or connect with somebody, then my job is done. Sometimes that feeling could be melancholy, other times it could be joy, that's the beauty of songwriting and music. You are in control of what people hear and feel. I love that."