Step Up 2 The Streets DVD & Nikki Webster Interview

Step Up 2 The Streets DVD & Nikki Webster Interview

Cast: Robert Hoffman, Briana Evigan
Director: Jon Chu
Genre: Teen Drama
Rated: PG
Running Time: 90 minutes

Are you ready to Step Up?!

The latest instalment of the hugely popular Step Up franchise, Step Up 2 The Streets is a jaw-dropping visual feast of dance and drama. Amazing athleticism and a great ensemble cast of new talent will surely see this DVD flying off the shelves.

Step Up 2 The Streets follows Andie (Briana Evigan) - an outcast street dancer - as she struggles to fit in at the elite School of the Arts. The rebellious Andie, whose methods more than raise eyebrows at the conservative institute, soon meets Chase (Robert Hoffman) the school's red-hot talent and rising star. Both desperately want to win the biggest, baddest street dancing battle, "The Streets" where success on this stage gives the ultimate street cred. Forced to acknowledge each other's talents, they soon see the only way they have a chance to win the battle is to team up.

The two gifted dancers clash and sizzle and with the pressure both heating up on the dance floor and in Andie's life, she must learn to build the bridge between love and loyalty as well as between who she is and who she believes she can be.

In Jon Chu's feature film directorial debut, he combines his love of dance and film to create a fast paced, stunt packed dance extravaganza - all set to a sizzling hot soundtrack that includes chart-topping artists such as Flo Rida, T-Pain and Missy Elliot. Be prepared to step up for the second round of dance fever! Available to rent or own on DVD from 23rd July, 2008.

o Through Fresh Eyes - The Making of Step Up 2
o Outlaws of Hip-Hop - Meet the "410's"
o I Smell a Rat - Robert Hoffman's Video Diary
o Deleted Scenes
o Bloopers

Review: When Andie gets faced with a choice to either join an elite School of the Arts or move to another state, her unique style & courage to stand up for herself helps her find a new crew, but do they have what it take to 'Step Up' to the ultimate street challenge. Invitation only gets you a place on the floor and school of arts crew show their desire with an entertaining video mocking the current champions, but it doesn't deserve them the respect to be part of the floor. Andie puts it all on the line and takes it back to the streets in Step Up 2.

Price: $39.95,


Interview with Nikki Webster

At what age did you become interested in dance & entertainment?

Nikki Webster: I first started going to singing. dancing lessons at the age of 4 or 5... I just loved it... it was such a social thing for me. I was quite shy and it really allowed me to come out of my shell.

Can you describe how it makes you feel to perform?

Nikki Webster: Performing for me is just the best feeling you could ever imagine. Its like I'm on top of the world and I have no worries at all. The adrenaline mixed with the audiences' appreciation for what you're doing could not be more rewarding as an entertainer.

What were some of the challenges you faced to become a recognised dance & entertainer?

Nikki Webster: Well I wouldn't call myself a recognised dancer, I love to dance but I guess I am a singer that dances. I guess one of the challenges that all performers are faced with is the unpredictability of the industry and work available... however we are all sop

What was you inspiration to open a Dance school?

Nikki Webster: To be able to give back to the youth of Australia, also to able to watch and have a hand in developing new Australian talent.

The dance school has combined acting and dancing, is acting important for a dancer?

Nikki Webster: I definitely believe that acting is important for dancers... when you dance you are expressing emotions and I think acting can only help this.

What types of dance do you offer at your dance school?

Nikki Webster: We offer everything, "ALL CLASSES, ALL LEVELS, ALL AGES" that's our motto-Jazz/funk, tap, ballet, contemporary, singing, drama, musical theatre, hip hop, Latin/salsa, acrobatics.

Can you tell us some funny stories about teaching 3-5 year olds to dance?

Nikki Webster: They're just so imaginative and unafraid... I think the funniest thing is how they are all obsessed with the mirrors... they love watching themselves it's soooo cute

Which is your favourite type of dance? Why?

Nikki Webster: Mmm I have many. I really appreciate all forms of dance. I love watching my teachers choreograph and dance their hearts out - they are all so amazing!

Has your Dance School, changed your career objectives?

Nikki Webster: Not really. However it has made me more determined than ever to keep performing and producing music.

What are your aspirations for the future?

Nikki Webster: Hopefully over the next 5 years the school will grow and we will expand. I'd love to open up interstate as well. Musically I hope to keep releasing music and also just developing everything that goes along with that.

What effect do movies like Step Up Two have on you?

Nikki Webster: They are so inspirational. When I leave the cinema all I want to do is get up and dance!

Are the challenges the dancers face in Step Up 2 unique and realistic?

Nikki Webster: I think they are realistic for growing up in that part of America. I guess its hard for me to comment as I grew up in Australia.

Do you hope to get into the dance movie industry?

Nikki Webster: I'd love to do a film that incorporated dancing and acting. I think the filming process would be soooo much fun.

60 Second Quiz

Full Name: Nikki Webster
Nickname(s): Mighty Mouse, Nickway
Star Sign: Taurus
Music Talent: Singer
Favourite Food/ DRINK: Chai Latte
Favourite Film: Centre Stage
Favourite Actor: Ashton Kutcher
Pets: 2 dogs - star and princess
Best Feature: mmm - I am not really sure. I guess I have to say my brown eyes
Worst Feature: where do I start! Hehehe.... I talk too much
Person You Would Most Like to Meet: Madonna
Hobbies/Interests: Movies, games nights with friends
First Job: Cinderella the Pantomime
Are you a Pub, Bar or Club kind: I am a bit of all three depending on what mood I'm in and also what crowd of friends I'm hanging out with. At the moment I am finding myself more of a bar person.
What Can You Never Leave Home Without: My mobile
What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning: How many things I need to get done in the day and to feel accomplished.


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