Robert Stonor's parents have just split up. They can't bear to be together anymore, and his mum has even thrown out the little bride and groom figurines from the top of their wedding cake.

Since they can't agree on who has custody Robert has been sent to boarding school, visiting each parent on alternate weekends. Robert's once happy family is over for good - or is it?

Robert salvages the broken wedding figurines and superglues them back together again. Then he begins to find many other ways to use superglue - to keep his mother's new boyfriend away and embarrass the school bully. Can superglue even help his family stick together again?

Neville Barnard doesn't know much about superglue... but then he doesn't know much about a log of things. He spends a lot of time worrying about important questions like; Do dogs take cat naps? How did they measure hail before golf balls were invented? If you try to fail and succeed which have you done? To stop himself worrying about such important questions he writes books. Superglued is his fourteenth.

Lothian Books
Author: Neville Barnard
ISBN: 0734409303
RRP: $14.95