Surf's Up

Surf's Up

According to Surfing Australia, there are around 200,000 female surfers in Australia and more than 160,000 girls went to surf school in the last 12 months. Surfing is different for women and most surfing books don't acknowledge that- until now.

The world's first-ever surfing guide for girls, Surf's Up, has now been fully revised and updated, taking you through all the practicalities of learning to surf- from getting over your fear of sharks to buying your first surfboard, finding the right waves, paddling out and standing up. There's advice about looking after yourself while you're having fun in the sea, how to find friends to surf with and surfing etiquette, as well as an inspirational look at the history of women's surfing, plus loads of tips to take your surfing to the next level.

Fully revised edition includes new sections on:

  • yoga for surfers
  • combining surfing and motherhood
  • being a sustainable surger
  • stand-up paddle boarding

    Surf's Up is more than just a how-top guide. Louise Southerden brings her love of surfing to every page, offering insights into the fascinating world of surfing sub-culture and a welcoming hand to every wannabe wahine.

    Louise Southerden is a surfer, writer and former editor of SurfGirl magazine who has lived the surging lifestyle for almost twenty years and ridden waves all over Australia as well as overseas. She is now an adventure travel journalist based on Sydney's northern beaches, where she divides her time between her laptop and the waves.

    Surf's Up
    Allen and Unwin
    Author: Louise Southerden
    Price: $32.95

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