Tales of a Female Nomad - Rita Golden Gelman

Tales of a Female Nomad - Rita Golden Gelman

There's more than one way to do life.......

For years Rita Golden Gelman felt she lived someone else's life. She and her husband had a privileged existence, but she wasn't happy. When she suggests they separate for a couple of weeks, she is at first horrified when he suggests a couple of months, 'so they can be free to see other people'. Then Rita decides to fulfil a long-held dream to travel the world.

Fifteen years later, Rita is still travelling. This is the story of her journey and personal transformation. From her first tentative trip to Mexico, swept off her feet by a Latin lover; to work as a tour guide in The Galapagos Islands; to live in a royal palace Bali; to New Zealand where she 'adopts' a school-full of children, Rita takes us on her many adventures.

Spending days in some places, years in others, Rita captures the joys of connecting with people everywhere and celebrates her glorious transformation from an unfulfilled suburbanite to a liberated and incredibly self-assured woman of the world. More than simply a travel memoir, TALES OF A FEMALE NOMAD is the story of a woman's rebirth.

"It's exciting to be exploring a world I know nothing about......Then it hits me for the first time........I do not need anyone's permission to do what I want to do. I am free to make my own decisions, follow my whims, take whatever risks I choose".

Tales of a Female Nomad
Some of us have an adventurous spirit and some of us like to dream about it, but very few can say they have been on a journey like this. This inspirational journey of a nomad will make you feel free and empowered to make choices. Whether you are wanting to book a one way ticket to Fiji or go backpacking through Europe, this book will inspire you to follow your dreams.