Tash Sultana Sugar

Tash Sultana Sugar

Tash Sultana, the gender-fluid musical force and multi-talented artist, is set to release their highly anticipated SUGAR EP today, 18th August, through their own label, Lonely Lands Records. With an illustrious career spanning over a decade, Tash has continually pushed the boundaries of music, showcasing their extraordinary abilities as a songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist.


From humble beginnings, Tash's unwavering dedication to their craft has propelled them from open mic nights across Victoria to selling out prestigious venues worldwide. Their musical journey has been marked by platinum records, over 1 billion of streams, numerous award nominations, and a rapidly growing fanbase. Tash's unique talent and boundless creativity have captivated audiences globally, earning them accolades at renowned festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Austin City Limits.

SUGAR EP serves as a testament to Tash Sultana's evolution as an artist, with each track offering a distinct and reflective exploration of their experiences and emotions. The EP opens with "James Dean," a powerful reflection on personal growth and the importance of shedding toxic relationships. "I feel like the entire point of my career has always been DIY. I've always produced everything, written everything, played every instrument you hear, engineered, co-engineered, and sometimes mixed and mastered. I have always done all that, but I feel like people still just don't get it, and to me, it's the most important message," says Tash.



"You People Freak Me Out" delves into the complexities of society, addressing issues such as cancel culture and the relentless pursuit of trends. Tash questions current affairs, advocating for compassion, understanding, and the freedom to learn from mistakes. "The thing that concerns me about people is how quick everyone is to jump on a bandwagon, follow a trend, cancel someone out for a mistake as if they've been perfect their entire lives," says Tash. The track resonates with its thought-provoking message and infectious musicality.

"New York" is a track written about a specific experience in the city itself, "I will never forget a time last year when I was so fucked up. It was before my Pier 17 show, one of the lowest points of my life, professionally and personally, and I just wanted to know what it was or what I could do to make it stop. Do I run, do I scream, do I jump into the water, do I cry? What's it going to take to get me through the night". Meanwhile, "Bitter Lovers" showcases a compelling collaboration with BJ The Chicago Kid, promising a soulful and captivating sonic experience that will leave audiences craving more.

SUGAR EP also features the deeply personal "1975," where Tash courageously explores themes of trauma and healing. "It's a side of me that I've never spoken about in the media before, and l probably never will. I believe that you're allowed to keep some of you to you. But really, I'm just releasing trauma in that song." By baring their soul, Tash invites listeners to connect with their own experiences and find solace in the power of music as a transformative outlet.

Finally, the EP concludes with the profoundly moving track "Dove," Tash describes it as "When I wrote this song, I wanted to peel off my surface layers and create a soundscape that mimics the way I feel when I am in perfect flow. This is my meditation,this is my invitation for people to feel something deeper from music" 

With SUGAR EP, Tash Sultana once again showcases their remarkable talent for weaving intricate melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and a captivating sonic tapestry. The EP is a testament to Tash's growth as an artist, entrepreneur, and producer, continually challenging norms and leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

Tash has come a long way from the artist they were at 18, yet many of the defining traits of their youth still shine through the unwavering drive, insatiable curiosity, and endless pursuit of musical knowledge to share with others. However, they have also undergone significant changes. Tash's life is now centred around focus and discipline, cherishing a sense of calm and connection. The upcoming years will witness their emergence as entrepreneurs and businesspeople as they continue to expand their burgeoning music industry empire. 

Tash, as always, remains dedicated to their journey and, simply put, "I am happy." 

With SUGAR EP, fans can embark on a transformative musical voyage that embraces joy, introspection, and empowerment.