Divers Economy Class

Divers Economy Class

Taking lead from a slew of influences across 90's, 2000's & current day artists, including Vallis Alps, DMA's, Radiohead & Garbage, Melbourne's Domestic La La signed DIVERS have today unveiled their new EP 'Economy Class'. Keeping true to name, the release was self-recorded & produced, utilizing their home studio, to piece together the 6-track extended play. Featuring previous singles 'Security' & 'That's Time Flying', the 'Economy Class' EP is one of dynamic variation, tempo changes & a fluctuating multitude of influences; signalling DIVERS truly versatile musicianship & ability to pull inspiration from all areas of their experiences.

Starting with the bouncy 'Daytime Wanderer', the EP invites dissonance & rhythm pulses through the second track 'Sidedoor'. Prior releases 'Security' & 'That's Time Flying' follow, breaking through with hazier electronic elements & a more dreamy DIVERS, a welcomed interlude to the release. Things build back up with the synth-laded 'My House, Your House'; an almost jovial Ben Bray singing atop the track, before rounding out the release with closer 'New Lands', a 7 minute, 25 second epic that builds from fragile acoustic guitar to a wall of thick guitars, synth, percussion & all the brilliant layers that complete DIVERS' profound sound.

"We noticed through the writing and recording process that although the songs were all very different from each other, they also had a theme of "packing your bags", "leaving" and  "getting a new life". From simple songs like "My house, your house" to a more left of center song like "new lands" we drew a line and pieced the songs together as a journey from place A to place B. As we were finalising the EP we started looking for artwork that represented the EP as a whole.  We landed on having a ticket on the front cover with all the 'flight details' as the track titles for the songs and 'flight time' as the length of the EP as your own kind of ticket to join us on the trip." DIVERS

"When writing for this EP we didn't really set out on writing in any particular way, we did what we normally do and wrote whatever song came out at the time. We probably wrote about 70-80 songs, some together but a lot individually. This was something new for us as we'd usually sit down together and write and record the songs, but after doing it for a while we enjoyed separating ourselves and writing songs and recording most of the bones of it before showing someone what they thought. This led to a diverse output as we all just wrote about what was happening in our worlds and what we wanted to write about at the time. After deciding what songs we wanted on the EP we went away and spent a few days finalizing the songs."

Short on time to put together a music video for 'Daytime Wanderer', the band pulled together $30 & turned to popular creative website fiverr for inspiration. Days later, they received back a claymation, stop motion video that pairs with the track; epitomizing the 'Economy Class' ethos.

"With the video, we were under the pump time wise and with a limited budget we looked through some options on fiverr, we spent roughly 300 on a claymation with a 5 day turnaround, in hindsight it was not a great idea but here we are. Our loss is potentially your gain? Enjoy"

With the new tracks in their arsenal & a reinvigorated passion, DIVERS have put together a slew of east coast dates to celebrate the release of 'Economy Class'. Starting out with free shows in Sydney & Wollongong, the band then head to their Melbourne hometown, before wrapping up the tour in Adelaide's iconic Crown & Anchor.

"We're really excited to announce our first interstate headlines with this tour and to get out and tour this new EP, we're super proud of what we've put together and can't wait to share it all with you on the road." DIVERS

DIVERS combines multi-instrumentalists Ben Bray, Scott McQuilten, Jake Green and Tom Evans, with video calls & a joint love of music leading to the band signing with Domestica La La. Support from tastemaker triple j (Home & Hosed), as well as triple j Unearthed (Rotation, Top 5 Tracks of The Week) would follow, alongside praise from Pilerats & Beat Magazine. The band have now accumulated 125,000+ streams across DSP's, with their listeners continuously on an uptick.

Sharing stages recently with The Terrys, Teen Jesus & The Jean Teasers, STUMPS, Jebediah & stacks more,  DIVERS are not only a bands favorite band, but are swiftly growing a reputation as one of Melbourne's finest guitar-led outfits, with comedian Aaron Gocs a supporter as well. With more to come off of 'Economy Class', DIVERS are undoubtedly posed to light up Australia with their eclectic mix of influences from indie, rock, psych & a bit of everything in between.


Fri 22nd Sept Vic On The Park Sydney, NSW - Free Entry
Sat 23rd Sept Dicey Rileys Wollongong, NSW  - Free Entry
Sat 7th Oct The Workers Club Melbourne, VIC -
Sat 21st Oct Crown and Anchor Adelaide, SA







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