The Agency

The Agency

The Agency

Sexy super-agent Tess Drake has worked hard to make a name for herself fin the glamorous yet cut-throat entertainment industry. Tess works at an international agency, where she skillfully manages some of the world's biggest egos - The company, Bardwright Agency, operates in the thrilling, fast-paced worlds of Rights, wrongs and revenge. Tess has been an agent there for longer than she cares to remember and now she's in trouble. Real trouble. After the mysterious death of the agency's senior partner, Lowell Bardwright, Tess's sworn enemy, Cosima Tate, has taken over and would do anything to send Tess's career down in flames. And Cosmina is only one of the rogues' gallery of agents in London and New York who want Tess to fall.

Tess has another little complication. She's sleeping with men on both sides of the Atlantic who are in bed with the women who are trying to sink her.

Can Tess jump ship without losing her clients and breaking her heart? Or will she lose everything before finding out if she really has what it takes to do what she's always wanted?

There's risk and reward in this wickedly funny novel that turns the world of agenting inside out and lays bare all the ambitions, sex, adrenaline, bad luck and good luck at the center of one young woman's success.

"a delicious mash-up of chick-lit and thriller, kind of what The Devil Wears Prada might have been if written by John Le Carre".This is THE book you want to have at the end of your beach towel this summer.

Ally O'Brien is the pseudonym for writing duo that includes an international bestselling author of suspense novels and a successful media agent based in London.

"A page-turner... the literary equivalent of a dry martini: salty, intoxicating and curiously delicious"- New York Daily News.

Verdict: Tess Drake has been working at the same Entertainment Agency for ten years. She's thirty six and it's time to move on. When her boss Lowell Bardwright dies in a slightly awkward position, Tess is put in an even more awkward one. Not only is her new boss none other than her sworn enemy Cosima, but Tess is also suddenly a prime suspect in Lowell's murder.

Tess sees this new development as an opportunity to get out and make it on her own. But can she do it? From her naughty affairs to her eagerness to climb to the top Tess seems to just keep losing friends, and things just don't seem to be going to plan at all. Could it be that someone is trying to ruin her?

From murder, to celebrities, to sordid love affairs this book has it all. It's funny, it's witty, and it's definitely naughty! The main character, Tess is daring and clever, and regardless of the naughty things she does you still find yourself cheering for her until the end. It is a little predictable but you find it in your heart to forgive, because let's face it, you can't leave Tess to figure things out on her own!

Written by Ally O'Brien this book kept me excited until the end and left me with a good feeling inside when I'd finished it. The situations Tess falls into you has you intrigued and you stay to see Tess reach her ultimate goal. It's one Londoners version of Sex and the City and I really loved it.
Fiona Tew

The Agency
Allen and Unwin
Author: Ally O'Brien
ISBN: 9781742372297
Price: $23.99