The Exotic Cosmic Sungod Summer's Here Again Interview

The Exotic Cosmic Sungod Summer's Here Again Interview

The Exotic Cosmic Sungod Summer's Here Again Interview

Question: How would you describe Summer's Here Again?

Kenneth Hodge: I would describe it as a track that would definitely suit a sunny beach scene in Home And Away or Neighbours but have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Mad Max or Wolf Creek.

Question:What inspired the track Summer's Here Again?

Kenneth Hodge: I have watched numerous episodes of Home And Away and Neighbours over the years and seeing so much sun in those Australian shows not only influenced this track but also the outcome of the accompanying video.

Question:Why do you offer numerous remixes of Summer's Here Again?

Kenneth Hodge: Due to a lack of finance the first time around, I was limited to recording the original mix that you first heard. This time around, I was able to add some rhythm and riff guitar parts along with some Chinese flute, backing vocals in the verse and Latin percussion throughout the song.

Question:What did you enjoy most about recording Summer's Here Again?

Kenneth Hodge: As with any track that I am able to record, it is experiencing an idea that was originally on paper finally come alive both audibly and eventually visually as a music video.

Question:What are your goals for the future?

Kenneth Hodge: At this very moment in time, I have literally just joined The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers with the intention of obtaining a publishing deal that would allow me to write material for other artists.

Question:Where can Australians download your music?

Kenneth Hodge: My music can be downloaded from iTunes, Amazon and fifteen other online music stores by simply typing in The Exotic Cosmic Sungod. If anyone wishes to watch my eight music videos on You Tube at, they will find iTunes links relating to each song directly.

Question:How do you feel hearing your song on radio?

Kenneth Hodge: I feel elated. Right now all eight of my tracks are being played on internet radio station throughout the UK and Australia.

Question:Why is it important for you to communicate with your fans using social media?

Kenneth Hodge: Without Social Media or internet radio, there would be no chance whatsoever of being able get your material across to the masses, be they local or worldwide. This is why Social Media and internet radio are vitally important for unknown and unsigned acts like myself.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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