The Eyes of a King

The Eyes of a King

An astonishingly sophisticated fantasy novel full of adventure, mystery, intrigue and magic from extraordinary new young talent, Catherine Banner.

Five-year-old Cassius escaped the brutal assassination of his parents, the king and queen of Malonia, and was exiled to modern-day England. Now fifteen, Cassius continues to be hidden in England under the protection of his tutor, the great Alderbaran, who's ancient prophecy says that Cassius will, one day, return and claim his rightful place on the throne.

At the same time, fifteen-year-old Leo remains in Malonia where a repressive dictatorial regime under the new king, Lucien, followed the assassination. One day Leo discovers a wonderful book in which parts of an epic story appear each day - a remarkable story that reveals the secrets of the prophecy, the assassination and how they are connected to Leo's own family history.

Catherine Banner is now eighteen years old and has just finished her A Levels. She lives in Cambridge with her mother and younger sister.

The Eyes of a King
Random House Australia
Author: Catherine Banner
ISBN: Catherine Banner
RRP: $19.95


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