The Guy Not Taken

The Guy Not Taken

Hilarious, moving and fast-paced, each of Weiner's short stories tackles the notoriously common question we've all asked ourselves: what if I'd stayed with 'that' ex-boyfriend?

In one story we meet Marlie Davidow who, stuck at home with the baby one night, stumbles across an ex-boyfriend's online wedding registry and starts to wonder what her life would have been like if she'd stayed with him. In another, Jessica Norton decides to list her beloved upper west side New York City apartment in the hope of winning the love of her broker's heart by helping him with his first sale.

In each story, our flawed heroines (and one male hero) attempt to deal witht he choices they make about how, why and who they love. A in life, their decisions are not always clear and don't always go to plan.

Witty, clever and moving, Weiner's new book is full of unexpected surprises that will have you questioning your own choices and appreciating what you have.

The Guy Not Taken is a stunning collection of short stories - it's the perfect read to get you through a long, hot summer.

Jennifer Weiner's previous books include the bestselling Good in Bed, which is set to be made into a TV series by HBO, LIttle Earthquakes, Goodnight Nobody and In Her Shoes which became a hit film starring Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette. The Guy Not Taken is her most recent novel.

She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and their daughter.

Review: We've all thought about it, and can't wait to see this one on the big screen, where it is destined.

The Guy Not Taken
Simon & Schuster
Author: Jennifer Weiner
ISBN: 9780743298056
RRP: $24.95