The Chronicles of Krangor The Missing Kin

The Chronicles of Krangor The Missing Kin

Deltora Quest meets Dinotopia in this classic fantasy quest from the bestselling Australian author of Blaze of Glory!

While Adalon and his friends Targesh and Simangee gather supporters at the Lost Castle, the mad queen and her ruthless general continue to wage war on the Seven Kingdoms of Krangor.

It is only when Simangee finds a legend in an ancient text that the rebels begin to hope once more. Do the Missing Kin of the saur really exist? Can the three friends find the winged saur and convince them to join their cause before it's too late?

Author: Michael Pryor has published a number of fantasy books and over forty short stories, from literary fiction to science fiction to slapstick humour. Michael has been shortlisted four times for the Aurealis Awards (including for BLAZE OF GLORY), has been nominated for a Ditmar award, and two of his books have been CBCA Notable Books. Most recently Michael has co-created (with Paul Collins) the highly successful Quentaris Chronicles. He is currently writing titles in the LAWS OF MAGIC series for older readers, and the CHRONICLES OF KRANGOR series for younger readers.



'Those familiar with the QUENTARIS and LAWS OF MAGIC series will enjoy a new book from this master fantasy writer. But it's clearly aimed at younger readers, tapping into their fascination with dinosaurs and love of fantastic stories. And it's short enough to engage even reluctant readers. It's an excellent introduction to the world of fantasy, and engaging and enjoyable read best suited to 8-10 year olds' GOOD READING

'One of the best books I've ever read! I loved it.' Joshua Brown, age 9, Random House Book Buddies Club

'I loved this book by Michael Pryor! . . . I want more!!!!' Hugh Pearce, age 9, Random House Book Buddies Club

'It was good because it had a lot of the things kids of my age group would like. It has a variety of characters and an excellent journey to out of this world destinations! I really liked it and I think it's a seller.' Tom St John, age 9, Random House Book Buddies Club

'I thought that the book was very creative and I think it's really good. My favourite characters are Simangee, Adalon and Targesh. When I was reading it it was so good I couldn't put it down. I liked it because it's full of action. I liked the Ranger's Apprentice and this was almost as good.' Oliver Stump, age 10, Random House Book Buddies Club

The Chronicles of Krangor The Missing Kin
Random House Australia
Author: Michael Pryor
ISBN: 9781741661750
RRP: $14.95