The Perfect Gift Schattner & Schattner

The Perfect Gift Schattner & Schattner

Harry is determined to find the perfect gift for his friends the birds, but when he asks at the gift shop, the shop lady can't help.

'We have lots of things for you to choose from, but the perfect gift comes from the heart,' she says.

Can Harry find the perfect gift for his friends?

Archibald Prize finalists and husband-and-wife team Marc and Gillie Schattner, who brought us THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE last year, are back with another gorgeous gift book about Harry to remind us all how to be happy and live positive, fulfilling lives.

The best gift:
Surprise them and make them their favourite meal or if you want to tgo the extra mile, gather a group of friends and attempt a delightful recipe from your favourite cookbook together. It doesn't matter how the meal tastes - you will have hilarious memories forever.
Organise a surprise picnic in your local park or watch the sunset at the beach or in the mountains with a glass of wine.
Give them one breakfast in bed.
Make a greeting card or frame old photos of happy times spent together. Try to pick photos that you know they don't have.
Draw a portrait of that special person - no matter how good or bad your artistic skills are it will be special for the reciever.
Buy them a pot plant and dedicate it to them - make sure you keep the plant alive and well.
Take them on a special walk where they have never been.

'This is a book that parents should read with or to their children - both parent and child will get pleasure from the story, and both will learn something about themselves in the process.' Professor Ian Frazer, Australian of the Year 2006

Gillie and Marc Schnatter's work is the perfect marriage of style and content. Gillie and Marc are fascinated by the things that give us pleasure, the things that make us happy, the things that make life worth living, and they make art which embodies that quest. They are also successful portrait artists, and were recent finalists in the Archibald Prize.

Specialising in children, pets and celebrities their portraits are in international demand. Their subjects include Rhonda Birchmore, Scarlett Johannson, John Konrad, Archbishop Pell, Dr Harry Cooper, Jimmy Little and the late Peter Brock.

Their most recent children's/gift book is 'The Happiest Day of my Life'. Gille and Marc Schattner live in Sydney with their two children, Jessie and Ben, plus a dog and a cat.

Review: Thoughtful and entertaining, The Perfect Gift is easy for children to relate to.

The Perfect Gift
Random House Australia
Authors: Schattner & Schattner (Gillie Schattner & Marc Schattner)
ISBN: 9781741662603 / 1741662605
RRP: $9.95