The Secret to Teen Power

The Secret to Teen Power

The Secret to Teen Power

It's time to share The Secret with the next generation.

Printed in 39 languages in 41 countries, The Secret is an international phenomenon that has inspired millions of people all over the world by showing them how to live extraordinary lives.

In a crazy world of high stress and quick fixes, young people need to be confident and in control in order to manage their relationships, friendships, schoolwork and self-image. The Secret to Teen Power follows the path of The Secret, but aims especially to inspire teens and young people to bring joy and harmony to all aspects of their lives.

'You can't be angry and frustrated today and expect things to improve tomorrow. Focus on today, get satisfaction now, because that's the only way your dreams of tomorrow come true.'

The Secret to Teen Power makes the knowledge contained in The Secret accessible ad relevant to today's teens. It explains the law of attraction in relation to issues such as friends and relationships, schoolwork and self-esteem. Filled with inspiration quotes from icons such as Barack Obama and Madonna, and containing real stories from teens who have used The Secret to achieve their goals, The Secret to Teen Power explains how teenagers can transform their own lives and their dreams.

'What do you want to do? Who do you want to be?
Don't know? Relax, those are some pretty deep questions. But you know, the answer is probably sitting there right under your nose. All you have to do is be conscious of the things that get you really excited. Seriously. It's more likely than not that what you want to do, and you're supposed to be, are all tied up with the stuff that fires you up right now.'

Paul Harrington is a producer of The Secret film where he learned the principles of the law of attraction firsthand from Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret. Not only did he transform his own life, Paul got to read thousands upon thousands of letters from people around the world who used The Secret to start living the life of their dreams.

Yet it was Paul's own teenage daughter who inspired him to take this knowledge and adapt it for a teenage audience. With The Secret to Teen Power, Paul's dream is for teens around the world to understand the power they have over their own destiny so they can go confidently out into the world and create the life they've always dreamed about.

The Secret to Teen Power
Simon and Schuster
Author: Paul Harrington
ISBN: 9781416994982
Price: $24.99