The Surfing Scientist

The Surfing Scientist

The ultimate book to celebrate Science from the ABC's very hip Surfing Scienteist, Ruben Meerman.

Mix one part science and four parts wicked fun and you too can impres all your mates with 40 exciting science tricks.

Learn how to:
* Spear a raw potato with a straw
* Snag a ice cube using string and some salt
* Stick two books together without glue
* Lift a full jar of rice with an ordinary pencil
* Put on a swimming cap without ripping your hair out

Plus lots more!

Using only household items with nothing tricky for kids to buy, this book is perfect for every budding scientist. And is packed with facts, knowledge and trivia that interests and fascinates kids.

Did you know that:
* The weirdest waves you can surf break in rivers, not at the beach?
* Sea Squirts eat their own brain once they've finished using it to find a suitable home
* The weirdest flotsam and jesam is ambergris (sperm whale vomit) - an amber-grey coloured substance used to make perfume and make up.

Laoded with pictures to make each experiment easy to follow, The Surfing Scientist is a fun and exciting introduction to science that will keep kids entertained for hours!

About Ruben Meerman
Ruben Meerman is a surfer with a physics degree and a Grad Dip in Science Communication. He has taught primary science education at Griffith University, worked in the laser industry and has performed thousands of science shows in hundreds of schools throughout Australia. You can catch him on Triple J, ABC Science Online, ABC TV's The Experimentals, Rollercoaster and the Sleek Geeks TV series with Dr Karl and Adam Spencer.

ABC Books
Ruben Meerman
ISBN: 9780733320804
RRP: $12.95

The Surfing Scientist is available through ABC Shops, ABC Centres, ABC