The Tomorrow Book

The Tomorrow Book

The Tomorrow Book

From the bestselling author, Jackie French, comes a magic book about the possibilities for a greener world!

When the King and Queen retire and go off on their campervan, they leave the kids in charge. Using only the material in their library- inventions that already exist and have been trialed- the kids solve the world's great environmental problems, creating a magic land of joy and hope.

A third of school children believe the world is doomed, and may not even last till they grow up. This is a book to give kids a sense of power and optimism, as well as a look at some of the real solutions for our times.

Sue DeGennaro's funny, whimsical artwork was created using the 'rubbish' from her kitchen, from tea bags to labels. Jackie French's words and ideas are drawn from her decades of research into alternative farming, gardening, building techniques and power systems. Lively, fun and positive, this book shows young people how many environmental solutions are simple and relatively easy to put in place, and that the changes needed for our planet can make the world more fun. Both author and illustrator live by the values in this book.

Some of the inventions in The Tomorrow Book may seem extraordinary-but everyone can be done.

"This book was written on a solar powered computer, in an orchard where wombats and other wildlife wander, while I ate scones and cooked in my solar oven and apricots grown on moisture captured from the night air" says Jackie French.

'Humans have already triumphed over far worse problems than we have now. We've even survived ice ages. When times get tough humans are capable of the most extraordinary dreams and teamwork. Maybe tomorrow you'll ride a dinosaur to school, or fly on solar-powered wings. Tomorrow is going to be fun.'

The illustrations in this book were all created from recycled materials. Sue deGennaro says "I limited myself to paper found only within the confides of my house. Each image is made up of a collection of packaging found in my kitchen cupboards, such as tea-bags, flour packets and match boxes. I've also used traces of evelopes from mail delivered to my house. Other pieces of paper I collected years ago and held onto, along with stray cards from a playing deck."

Jackie French lives with her husband and wombats in the Araluen Valley, NSW. Her award winning books for children include Hitler's Daughter, Pharoah and A Rose for the Anzac Boys.

Sue deGennaro studied film at university, learnt how to weld and draw at art school and moved to Sydney to become an aerialist/performance artist. She now lives in Melbourne.

The Tomorrow Book
Harper Collins
Author: Jackie French
Illustrator: Sue deGennaro
ISBN: 9780732289393
Price: $24.99