The Blue Boa

The Blue Boa

Charlie Bone is back in this exciting third book in the spectacular CHILDREN OF THE RED KING series.

A dark secret is emerging from Bloor's Academy.
A boy was once lost in the attics and never seen again.
Charlie Bone is intrigued, but he has problems of his own. Uncle Paton has disappeared . . .
Following the very successful MIDNIGHT FOR CHARLIE BONE and THE TIME TWISTER, THE BLUE BOA is the exciting third book in the spectacular CHILDREN OF THE RED KING series.

About the series: Charlie Bone is one of the many descendents of the Red King and an inheritor of part of his magical powers. Charlie is determined to find his lost father, Lyell, who was horribly punished for his courage. Together with his friends, Charlie endeavours to overcome the evil that threatens them. Their struggles, sometimes scary and sometimes humorous, take place during five terms spent at Bloor's Academy, an ancient school where the endowed descendents of the Red King can be watched and controlled. Werewolves, hypnotists, mind-readers and witches do their best to defeat Charlie, not to mention his sinister grandmother and her three grim sisters . . .

The children often find themselves in strange situations and their latest adventure THE BLUE BOA is no exception. At Bloor's Academy where a dark secret has emerged...

Charlie learns of an invisible boy being held captive in the attic of Bloor's Academy, and sets out to rescue him. Unfortunately there are several complications that make this Charlie's biggest challenge yet.

As usual his interfering family the Yewbeams are up to their old conniving tricks and are desperate to stop Charlie's plans, especially when a strange young girl appears at the school placing the Children of the Red King and all that help them in danger.

If you haven't already caught wind of this series, get started now. A newcomer to 'Children fo the Red King', this compelling series is jam packed with magic, darkness and cliffhangers to keep you wanting to read more.