Ten Top Tips for the Purrrfect Valentines Day

Ten Top Tips for the Purrrfect Valentines Day

Can you feel it?

Can you feel it? Love is most definitely in the air – with Valentine's Day just around the corner, the pressure is on for guys and gals across Australia to get planning the ultimate date night.

But never fear, pet-sitting community Pawshake has pulled together ten top tips to ensure that your Valentine's Day this year runs as smoothly as a dark chocolate fondue: 


The Restaurant Reservation

This one is a given, but many make the mistake of leaving the restaurant reservation booking to the very last minute. Get your skates on and get booking right now, some of the finest restaurants in Sydney will already be fully booked. And before you ask, no, Maccas is not an acceptable date location. 


The Bill

Ensure you've got enough money in your bank account before you splurge out on caviar and champagne – having your credit card on hand as a back-up just in case is always a great idea. 


The Flowers

Don't scrimp on the flowers, everybody knows that buying roses from outside of the train station will have a much shorter shelf life than investing in a beautiful bunch from the local florist. 


For the singles

If you're single this Valentines, why not organise a gals or guys night out with your other single friends? Just because you haven't found your soulmate just yet doesn't mean that you need to spend it solo. 

Your pets

Don't forget about your beloved fur babies, if you know you're going to be out late or if you're being whisked away for the weekend, organise a trusted pet sitter from Pawshake to ensure your precious pets are well taken care of.


Your date's name

Don't forget your dates name, it's a simple one, yet so, so important – unless you want to be wearing that glass of Moet. 


Fun activities

Be original, think outside the box. Activity dates are a lot of fun, so instead of opting for the wining and dining route, go paintballing or even a sky dive. These ideas are a sure fire way to get pulses racing. 


The Gift

Give the gift a bit of thought. Chocolates are way too cliché these days unfortunately, think about your dates hobbies or passions– why don't you sponsor a baby tiger for them? Or buy them a ticket to their favourite team's footy match? A good gift goes a long way. 


The Hotel Room

No, probably don't rent a hotel room for a first date. However, whether you're fresh in a relationship, have a long term partner or are spending a day with your single friends, venturing out of your local area is loads of fun. And when you've booked accommodation so you don't have the logistical constraints of having to make it back home, exploring a different area of your city can make for a fun adventure to share. 

The booze

We know that alcohol is a nerve killer when you're on the big date, but the most important thing to remember here is to pace yourself, nobody wants to be sending their date home in a taxi, alone...

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