Being sixteen is confusing and unpredictable enough for anyone. But if you're Undine, you also begin hearing voices calling you home in the middle of the night....and then you suddenly produce a storm out of the air. Your best friend Trout insists on falling messily in love with you, while yu end up with a crush on his older brother. Meanwhile, the ocean begins appearing in your inland bedroom, and your dead father turns out to be not so dead after all.....

Undine is changing. It starts simply with a feeling, but as the feeling becomes something more powerful and dangerous, Undine knows she must find out what is happening. Her journey leads her from familiar things - the house on the steps, her unpredictable mother, her best friend Trout falling for her, to a father she has never met, and a sea she has never seen. But in trying to find herself, will Undine lose herself forever?

'A magical, compelling book that had me spellbound' Meg Whelan, aged 13

'This book was beautiful, it made me feel like magic was within it.' Cara Templeton, aged 13.

'I loved this book! It has an aura about it from the very first page.' Jade, age 14, Random House Book Club.

Receiving rave reivews and a personal recommendation from the publisher, Penni Russon is sure to become a huge hit. Undine shows us that there is a bit of magic in us alll.