Unforgettable Places to see before you die

Unforgettable Places to see before you die

By Steve Davey

Steve Davey is one of the world's most respected travel photographers and has an addiction for exotic sights, smells, feelings and experiences. In his new book 'Unforgettable Places to see before you die', Steve has captured his top forty unforgettable places and inspires readers to experience them and create indelible memories of their own.

As we work longer hours our leisure time becomes more and more valuable and increasingly it's how we spend it that gives meaning and value to our lives. Holidays are what we live for. We only get one life so we owe it to ourselves to see as much of this beautiful planet as possible, whether it be the endangered wildlife, ancient monuments, modern architecture, art, foreign cultures, extraordinary scenery, each gives us the chance to grow and expand our horizons.

'Unforgettable Placese to see before you die' is the first of a new series of books that will help people to discover some of these places and experiences, including a host of spectacular places that can be visited in a regular two week holiday or less.

This book is the result of an arduous shooting schedule, every location featured was revisited by Davey and his co-photographer Marc Scholssman so that it was photographed afresh, reflecting what readers might truly see on a short break. Travelling the world for nine months to complete this title, sit back and enjoy an escape.

Travellers looking for new sights and experiences, may also enjoy his upcoming titles: 'Unforgettable things to do before you die and 'Wild Places to see before you die'.

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