Visions of heat

Visions of heat

Visions of Heat

The Psy-Changeling Series #2

Faith NightStar is tormented by dark visions of blood and murder. A bad sign for Faith - an F-Psy with the highly sought after ability to predict the future. Then the visions show her something even more dangerous... the ache of desire and exquisite pleasure. Changeling Vaughn D'Angelo can take either man or jaguar form, but it is his animal side that is overwhelmingly drawn to Faith. The jaguar's instinct is to claim this woman it finds so utterly fascinating and the man has no argument. And there are Psy who need Faith's sight for their own purposes. They must keep her silenced - and keep her from Vaughn...

Nalini Singh was born in Fiji and raised in New Zealand. She spent three years living and working in Japan and travelling around Asia before returning to New Zealand - although she's always plotting new trips. She has worked as a lawyer, a librarian, a candy factory general hand, a bank temp and an English teacher, not necessarily in that order. Some people might call that inconsistency, but she calls it grist for the writer's mill.

Visions of Heat
Hachette Australia
Author: Nalini Singh
ISBN: 9780575095687
Price: $22.99

Interview with Nalini Singh

Can you tell us a little bit about the Psy-Changeling Series?

Nalini Singh: The Psy/Changeling series is set slightly into the future in an alternate Earth which has three races: The Psy, who have phenomenal powers of the mind, including telepathy and telekinesis, but who have conditioned emotion out of themselves in order to stay sane; the changelings, who are able to shapeshift into a number of animals including leopards and wolves, and who feel with wild intensity; and the humans, who are caught in between.

How much of your inspiration, for this series, comes from real life and real people?

Nalini Singh: Since it's an alternate Earth, the world itself is from my imagination. But in terms of characterisation, though I never base characters on real people, I might get an idea from something I see or hear, and use that to deepen and round out a particular character.

Where were you when you came up with the idea for the series?

Nalini Singh: I was living and working in Japan at the time (teaching English). I was in a small town surrounded by rice fields and tea plantations. It was peaceful and perfect for writing.

What is the best thing about creating a paranormal series?

Nalini Singh: The depth and breadth of room I have to explore - as long as I maintain internal continuity, there are no limits as to where I can take the series.

Who or what inspired you to begin writing books?

Nalini Singh: It's difficult to say. I've always been interested in psychic abilities and one day, I thought - what if it's not a gift? What if that kind of ability drives you insane? What would you do to survive? And that's how it began!

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