White Star

White Star

White Star

The Lady High Priestess Evelyn, known as Evie to her friends, is a healer, dedicated to using her magic in the service of the goddess - working to aid others and give strength where it is needed. Orrin Blackheart couldn't be more different. With his black armour, a black name and a blacker reputation, he's been feared and hated in equal parts.

So on his defeat and capture in battle, the Goddess' insists that Evie saves him from a death sentence, his unexpected reprieve astonishes them both - as does the growing attraction between them.

But in saving Orrin, Evie uses up the olny favour she can request from her Queen, and by asking for the life of her liege and land's greatest enemy she may have restarted a war she fought to bring to the end. Condemned to do penance by the leader of her order, Evie is sent to a remote shrine and forbidden to use her magic except in aid of others, while to retain his salvation Orrin must battle a plague of walking dead spreading across the land.

Fate clearly hsa plans for them both - but to fulfil them, both must survive the perils ahead.

Beth Vaughan is a lawyer in real life and a keen fantasy role-player. She lives in Ohio. Previous titles: None.

White Star
Hachette Australia
Author: Beth Vaughan
ISBN: 978-057-508424-7
RRP: $32.99