Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie plus interview with Selena Gomez

Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie plus interview with Selena Gomez

This December, a spell will be cast when Selena Gomez's all-new movie

Selena Gomez, David Henrie, Jake T. Austin, Maria Canals-Barrera, David DeLuise.
Lev L. Spiro
Family, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy
Running Time:
98 minutes

Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie comes to Disney DVD in an extended edition!

Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie will be available on Disney DVD 16 December 2009, with a never-before-seen extended scene and exclusive bonus features. Starring Disney tween sensation Selena Gomez, this all-new, extended edition feature film is based on the Emmy-award winning Disney Channel Original series, Wizards of Waverly Place (#1 in its timeslot on both Disney Channel and free to air).

It's wizards as you've never seen them before in this holiday season's must-own magical family comedy. Alex Russo (played by Selena Gomez) is the hippest and most hilarious young wizard in training. When her parents (played by Maria Canals-Barrera and David DeLuise) take the magical Russo family on an unwanted vacation to the Caribbean, an accidental spell turns the family holiday into a thrilling journey through the jungle when a resentful Alex wishes her parents never met. A spell is unwittingly cast, reversing her parents' fateful first meeting and putting their family's very existence in jeopardy! To undo this magical mishap, Alex and her equally magical older brother Justin, played by David Henrie (of That's So Raven and How I Met Your Mother fame), begin a quest through the jungle to find the 'stone of dreams' - their only hope of reversing the spell. Will the magical duo be able to find the stone and save the family's existence?

With exclusive bonus features only available on Disney DVD, including a never-before-seen extended scene, Wiz Pix bonus feature and a personal tour behind the scenes with the cast, Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie will take the whole family on an adventure with its hilarious, heart-warming charm - sure to bring a touch of magic to your home this holiday season!

Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie reached over 150,000 viewers on the Disney Channel when it premiered on 19 September and was the fourth largest Disney Channel Original Movie premiere EVER with kids. The Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie premiere is the top subscription TV program for kids so far in 2009.

Starring in her own Disney Channel Original series, other successful teen flicks including Princess Protection Program and rocking on her upcoming album, this year's teen choice female TV star Selena Gomez unleashes her secret powers and steals the show as the coolest teen wizard in town. Also starring Jake T. Austin (Hotel for Dogs) as Alex's hilarious younger brother Max, this cast of wizards will have you sitting on the edge of your seat as their super powers are unleashed with hilariously funny consequences.

Don't miss all the fun and wizardry! Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie will charm the entire family when it comes to Disney DVD 16 December, just in time to cast a spell over your Christmas holiday.

Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie

Interview with Selena Gomez - Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie

What's your earliest Disney memory?

The earliest Disney memory for me would have to be Alice in Wonderland because I was obsessed with that movie. I believe that's why I wanted to be a performer, because I played out every character in that movie growing up. So that was my favourite Disney movie.

What was your reaction when you landed your first Disney role?

My first Disney role was actually for the guest spot on Suite Life of Zack and Cody, so I freaked out, I was so excited! I'd never done a comedy before and I'd never performed in front of an audience. I was about 13 and I got to perform in front of an audience with Dylan and Cole and everybody who were so sweet. I was really nervous at first but it was such an honour, I'll never forget that.

I was in Texas when I got the phone call and they said they wanted me to guest star on their show so I was excited.

What Disney character best reflects you?

Oh gosh, besides my character (on Wizards of Waverly Place), who doesn't reflect me too much! The character I most resemble would have to be Alice in Alice in Wonderland because I was an only child. She gets bored easily and has a huge imagination, and so because I was an only child growing up I also entertained myself. I'd talk to stuffed animals and I'd talk to my invisible friends, so I had all of that, which is kind of how Alice is.

What was your favourite toy growing up?

I believe I was put on this earth to be a mother, let' just put that out there! So I constantly liked playing house. So my favourite toy was the pretend oven where I got to make my own cakes and bake for my friends and my pretend family - that was my favourite toy. I made the best fake everything growing up!

Who is your favourite Disney Princess or Fairy?

My favourite Disney Princess would have to be Jasmine from Aladdin because growing up she was the only one that had coloured skin and was darker just like me - so she was like my 'home-girl'.

What was the first Disney movie you ever saw?

The first Disney movie I ever saw would have to be The Lion King, because my nanna bought that for me for Christmas one year. As far as I can remember that's the first one, but I always grew up watching Disney films.

If you could access a secret world, what would it be like?

If I could create my own fantasy world it would have to be under water like The Little Mermaid, coz I thought that was amazing! They got to dance and they sang and there were no bubbles, they just talked perfectly underwater, I thought that was amazing. That would be great.

What's hot on your Christmas wish list?

I'm not really asking for too much for Christmas. I'm going to be home with my family, that's all I can really ask for, to be with my family back home in Texas. I think I live a pretty blessed life so I'm good with what I have.

How will you be celebrating the holidays with your family?

I will be celebrating the holidays in Texas with my family. My dad's going to be there, my grandparents, my cousins. We all get to be in sweat pants and we don't really care how we look around each other, we can just talk and enjoy each other's company.
My nanna likes to cook so we make some of her homemade recipes when I'm home. We watch movies, we play board games, sit by the fire and open presents!

What was the last Disney movie you saw?

The last Disney film I saw was UP. It was beautiful, it made me cry, it was so sweet. The animation was amazing, it was great!

If you were stranded on an island with just your ipod, what Disney movie would you have on it?

If I was on a desert island and I could only bring one Disney film to watch it would have to be Finding Nemo. It's such a great movie, I love that movie so much, it makes me laugh! And I have a feeling that I'm going to be lonely on an island by myself so that would cheer me up.

What is your favourite Classic Disney Movie?

Alice in Wonderland is definitely my favourite Disney Classic Movie.

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Peter Pan

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Ellen DeGeneres

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h. Fairy Dust

i. Mickey Mouse