Worse Than Boys

Worse Than Boys

'There was a fight coming. We could all sense it . . .' An emotionally charged story about girls and friendship, from prize-winning author Catherine MacPhail.

Hannah and her friends are 'The Lip Gloss Girls'. They spend as much time together as they can, both at home and at school. Their rivals are the Hell Cats, and whenever they encounter each other the verbal attacks rarely stay verbal - more often than not a fight breaks out. Even so, Hannah feels safe within the gang . . .

Until one day she is accused of betraying the Lip Gloss Girls. At a stroke, she feels what it is like to be cast out, with no friends to support her, and surrounded by enemies.

Catherine MacPhail won the Kathleen Fidler Award with her first novel, Run Zan Run, which Bloomsbury has re-issued, and the Scottish Arts Council Award with her second novel Fighting Back, also re-issued by Bloomsbury.

Worse Than Boys
Allen & Unwin
Author: Catherine MacPhail
ISBN: 9780747582762
RRP: $15.95