Yorke Nights We Waste

Yorke Nights We Waste

Off the back of her Liberosis EP release, Yorke today shares the new video for her EP track 'Nights We Waste'. Filmed during isolation, the video includes Approachable Members Of Your Local Community, Bajillionaire, Coterie, Doolie, Eilish Gilligan, Eliott, Fergus James, Hauskey (and Penny), Japanese Wallpaper, Lakym, Ninajirachi, NOT A BOYS NAME, Shannen James, Sloan Peterson, Tasker, The Million, Winterbourne, and Wolfjay.


Yorke says, "During ISO, I've spoken to a few fellow creatives who have noted they feel a big pressure to be creative, when they really just want to take a time out. I loved being able to come together with my mates to create a vid that is just a bit silly and fun…and honestly I never thought a video of me singing into a hairbrush in my bedroom would make it onto the internet. Huge shout out to Jack Alexander (Wolfjay) too, who turned a simple concept into something refreshing."


The 'Nights We Waste' video reflects the song's concept about being in the moment. Yorke see's the song as a breath of fresh air on the EP, a moment to stop and let things go.


The lyric "Honestly we're holding onto things we can't control' sums up a lot of the EP for the artist from Byron Bay. "It's the acknowledgement that yes, things are out of your hands and you're just going to have to accept that".  A perfect reminder for the time we're in.  


Nights We Waste video was filmed and edited by Jack Alexander