You Are My Future

You Are My Future

You Are My Future by Amanda Cole follows the story of Sierra Field, as the impossible happens: - she splits time.

Facing the heart-wrenching prospect of knowing the dramatic events that await her "present" self, the "present" persona of Sierra with the "future" persona must try to comprehend this unimaginable scenario - and work as one to save her brother's life.

The emotive and captivating novel poses this question to readers: - What would you do if you met a future version of yourself?

"You Are My Future" is the second offering from Amanda Cole and beautifully incorporates the importance of knowing CPR. Consequently the book has been endorsed by St John Ambulance Australia.

"After a friend tragically lost her child due to a drowning accident, I wanted to raise awareness of the importance of learning CPR. I also began to take stock of how important my family and friends are - and how I would cope should I ever face such a tragedy" said Ms. Cole.

As an ambassador for the Sister2Sister program, Amanda will donate a percentage of all sales of "You Are My Future" to the program. Sister2Sister offers support in the form of mentorship for teenage girls at risk of abuse and neglect, who are disadvantaged and disengaged.

You Are My Future
Author: Amanda Cole
Price: $24.95


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