Zander Rhodes Daydreaming

Zander Rhodes Daydreaming

Kicking the new year off with his coastal, indie-folk sounds is Brisbane-based Zander Rhodes, who released his new laid-back single 'Daydreaming'.

With a sound akin to likes of Ziggy Alberts and Tay Oskee the English born singer-songwriter released his debut EP in 2019 and followed that up in 2020 with two singles. Over that time Zander has amassed 1200 monthly Spotify listeners but has also seen support from the likes of Happy Mag, Scenestr and more.

Now, with the fitting title of 'Daydreaming', this surf-folk track is a relaxing and inspirational number that stirs a desire for the open road and a yearning for the simpler things in life. Rhodes' warm vocal tone paired with the laid-back, minimalistic bass drum and hand percussion alongside the easy-going finger-picked acoustic guitar create a peaceful soundscape that seems to whisk away on the wind.

As an honest, realistic and effortlessly modern unconventional love song, 'Daydreaming' explore Rhodes' own desire to travel when bogged down by the circadian rhythm of life. Rhodes states:

"It chronicles my journey exploring the East Coast of Australia with my partner, trapped between the inevitable daily grind of a 9-5 job and an insatiable desire to travel."

'Daydreaming' is out now and is the third of four tracks that will make up Rhodes' next EP due out in the coming months.