100 Percent Wolf

100 Percent Wolf

Shock horror! Utter humiliation! Freddy's first werewolf transformation has turned him into a poodle!

Freddy Lupin is from a noble family of werewolves. But his first Transwolfation is a disaster when Freddy turns into a yapping poodle instead of a ferocious werewolf. Now his snooty Uncle Hotspur will hate him even more. Just when Freddy thinks life can't get any worse, he's thrown into dog prison.Will Freddy and his streetwise dog friend, Batty, escape their prison? Who is the sinister man following their every move? Can Freddy prove that he's still 100% wolf and save the werewolf pack from disaster?

Jayne Lyons has worked as a geologist/geophysicist for fifteen years. One day in 2004, while living in Aberdeen, Scotland, she became very bored and applied for a job in Perth, Western Australia. Four months later she was there, and she has been living in Australia ever since. Jayne writes every day: on the bus, at lunchtime, in the evening and at weekends. She likes writing funny, irreverent stories for children, and especially having a very free hand with language. There is nothing she likes more than inventing new words. Jayne is married and a full-time working mother, with one ten-year-old daughter. 100% Wolf is her first book.

100% Wolf
Random House Australia
Author: Jayne Lyons
ISBN: 9781741662726 / 1741662729
RRP: $15.95