101 Ways to Win a Woman's Heart

101 Ways to Win a Woman's Heart

101 Ways to Win a Woman's Heart is a clear concise motivational book that will help you win a woman's heart for the first time and keep winning it throughout the relationship.

Written to help men of all ages who are lost and confused between the old traditional role and today's world that gives out totally different messages.

Statistically women are leaving men in far greater numbers than ever before, and in far greater numbers than men are leaving women. This is telling us that there is quite a lot of discontentment going on in women's minds.

So what are women wanting from men today?

Women love and need men just as much as before, but today they are looking for a relationship that is not just about basic physical survival. They want their emotional needs met as well.

Inside this book you will find a lot of tips, whether you are in a relationship or single on how to win a woman's heart. You do not have to be lost and confused about this any more.

101 Ways to Win a Woman's Heart is a quick reference of practical solutions, with each page containing a bold message that can be easily followed. The supporting text provides the key to the importance of that message. The book's aim is to enable you to really enjoy your masculinity and to create better relationships with all women in the future.

Jane Roder is a Professional Life Coach, Counsellor, Author, Workshop Racilitator, and Reiki Practitioner, helping people to build happier lives.

Publisher: Pennon Publishing
ISBN - 1877029947
RRP - $16.95