The 18 Month Wedding Planner

The 18 Month Wedding Planner
Containing a checklist of everything she needs to order to plan her perfect wedding day. As well as a record of appointments the future bride has to attend, the planner is designed to ensure the months of preparation leading up to her big day are remembered fondly. Each page has a beautiful 8 x 10 inch image that will make this gift an ideal display for the home or office.

The range of photographs will also inspire her with ideas from wedding gowns, hair and make-up to wedding photography styles. Each page also tells the origin of a custom or a peculiar wedding superstition.

The completed planner will be a valued keepsake of the months of planning her happiest days.

What a fabulous idea, beautifully presented and with so much valuable information. I only wish it had of been around before my wedding, could have saved a lot of heardache.
Order your copy today for your own wedding or for a special engagement present.