5 Tips for those who want to change their look

5 Tips for those who want to change their look

Women often think about radical changes in appearance. This desire always appears after a significant event or turn in life. Besides, any whim, whether it is a new hair color or colored eye lenses, can be easily performed. However, before you start from scratch, think about the reasons that provoked such thoughts and accept the tips below to ensure satisfaction with the result. Gain confidence, get rid of doubt and then act decisively.

Don't hurry
Do not rush to change. Think about whether you were impulsive to avoid regret in the future. Evaluate all the pros and cons. Think about your idea for a few days and maybe you will change your mind. If your intention isn't reversible, such as a tattoo, it's recommended to wait a week before starting implementing it. In case you understand that you can return everything back having lost only some resources, 2 days are enough for reflection.

Is the new look right for you?
Ask yourself a question: will your new look suit you? This is mainly important if you are going to change in a new direction due to the fact that you feel different. Will the new look bring harmony? If you are sure that the innovations will bring you joy and satisfaction, fulfill the desired. However, if there are doubts, put this idea aside for a while or forever. Maybe it's worth starting with something simpler?

If you don't want to radically change your image, choose options where there are no risks or there are minimal. For example, if you prefer a classic style, buying a biker leather jacket isn't a good idea.

Test the new image
Before you change your appearance, try not only to imagine how you will look soon but also to find a way to see it live. If you want to change your style, go to the store and try on several sets of clothes. Or even better, a few dozen outfits.

But what to do if you cannot try on the desired changes in advance as easily as clothes. For example, if you want to change eye color, use a photo editor. You don't need to own and know how to use Photoshop to get a realistic result. There is a simple eye color change app retouchme.com/service/change-eye-color-app/, which will help to perform any of your ideas in the photo.

Be realistic
Before creating a new look, think about whether it won't interfere with your life, especially your career. For example, stewardesses can't have tattoos on places of the body that aren't covered. Almost all business companies have dress code restrictions. Before you dye your hair pink, think about if it can cause your discharge. Also, ask your relatives and partner for advice.

Change gradually
To make it easier to get used to your fresh look, add changes step by step. If you want a new hairstyle, first do a haircut, look at the result and then decide whether to dye or do other hair manipulations. With the change of wardrobe, buy new clothes gradually and mix them with everyday looks.