4 Expert Tips For Buying Fine Jewellery

4 Expert Tips For Buying Fine Jewellery

Fine jewellery can be a worthy investment as it is made using special metals paired with different gemstones. Most people use this jewellery to express their style and represent unique personalities.

These jewellery items are long-lasting, and some hold a sentimental value; thus, you must know what you are buying. If you are new to designer jewellery, you need to know some details to avoid purchasing low-quality pieces disguised as fine jewellery. 

So, before starting your search for fine jewellery, there are expert tips to keep in mind. Here are some things to consider before committing to fine jewellery: 


1.  Know Your Precious Metals

Fine jewellery is made from precious metals that vary depending on the buyer's preference. Knowing all the pros and cons of precious metals is vital before setting up an option. Thus, consider all the factors when considering what type of precious metals you need. 

Whether you have an idea of the metal you need or are yet to decide, here are some precious metals to choose from:

  • Silver. This is a timeless metal piece used in all jewellery types. It's bright white and can come as a matte or buffed into a beautiful shine. It's critical to note that silver does tarnish when exposed to air over time. So, if you love silver but want it to last longer, settle for one plated with rhodium that doesn't tarnish. 
  • Gold. This has been a popular metal for several years now. Gold comes in yellow, white, pink, rose, and green. The beauty of gold is in its shiny and bright nature. This timeless metal can be polished and has a warm hue and a classic beauty. However, you should note that gold is soft and might require extra care. 
  • Platinum. This metal is the purest, comes in white, and is dense. Platinum is more solid than gold and a great alternative when looking for a durable metal. However, its durability contributes to its high cost.  
  • Palladium. If you are a fan of platinum but can't afford it, palladium is an excellent alternative that looks and feels similar. It's shiny with a warm and silvery colour that can easily be polished. Although palladium is less expensive than platinum, it is more costly than gold.  

2.  Find Your Preferred Setting

Every jewellery has a setting that adds to its design. The setting's primary function is to keep your gem secure, keeping its visual appeal. Thus, it needs to be well made, with the setting being a crucial part of your jewellery. 

Therefore, check the artistry before buying any fine jewellery and ensure that it has a smooth feel and no sharp edges. For pieces with gems, ensure that they aren't overlapping. Additionally, ensure that the channel is even and smooth if your jewellery piece has gems set in a metal channel.

As for progs, they should touch the surface of the gems while facing down. Any metal framing the gem should be even in width, smoothness, and symmetry. Pieces such as necklaces and bracelets have clasps that must be examined carefully. Choose clasp designs that are easy to handle and fasten to give a secure feel. 


3.  Understand Gemstone Treatment

If your jewellery has a gemstone such as a diamond, you need to know the care it needs. A big part of care for gemstones includes the kind of treatment they underwent. The treatment can either use heat or glass to enhance its colour. 

One of the most common permanent treatments is heat, which boosts colour saturation. This treatment will leave gemstones with vibrant colour and clarity. So, after understanding your gemstone treatment, ask for a gem report with information on its characteristics. Consider asking your jewellery dealer about the treatment and how to care for your piece. 


4.  Know The Best Time To Buy Fine Jewellery

You can get fine jewellery at a great price sometimes. The best months to shop for fine jewellery include March, April, and early May. Jewellers don't carry full stocks during these months as they prepare for the engagement months. 

Avoid shopping during the holidays as jewellers tend to be well stocked. Most jewellers offer significant discounts after overpricing their items for the months between November and February. Hence, consider that great holiday sales might be too good to be true. 

Bottom Line

Buying fine jewellery is an investment that requires a ton of information before making a purchase. Therefore, consider taking tips from experts to make your experience easier. The first step can be getting a reputable jeweller who will be upfront about all their fine jewellery. Then, do an intensive deep dive into everything related to jewellery to ease your decision-making process.