Diamond Jewellery Trends In 2022

Diamond Jewellery Trends In 2022

The way we accessorise ourselves constantly evolves over the years, and everyone always wants to present their best. It's no longer enough to simply throw on an ordinary pair of earrings or a necklace"now, there's a desire to show up in the best and most fashionable state possible.

And, let's face it: what better way to exude a sense of sophisticated luxury than by donning some diamonds?

While the high-end pieces may not be affordable for everyone, they're still the stuff of dreams" which is why we're taking the time to discuss the beauty of these delicate items, as well as how they're perceived by the general public.

From timeless classics with a modern twist to unique and statement pieces, diamond jewellery trends in 2022 are set to be more daring than ever before. Let's take a peek at some of the world's top jewellery trends for 2022.

1) Oval Cut Diamonds

Exuding a mesmerising brilliance, oval-cut diamonds have been growing in popularity in recent years"and it's easy to see why. Their unique shape elongates the wearer's fingers, giving the illusion of extra length and slenderness.

In addition, oval diamonds tend to have a larger surface area than other diamond shapes, which means they can capture and reflect more light. People who want to make a bold and flashy entrance would love to have this shape on their ring finger or as earrings.

They're also less expensive per carat than many other diamond shapes, making them more budget-friendly. While you may be searching for the best show of luxury if you're browsing the diamond market, oval cuts are by no means tacky. They're still excellent and sparkly pieces; you'll just be getting more bang for your buck compared to rounder shapes.

2) Diamond Studs

A classic choice that will never go out of style, diamond-studded accessories are the perfect piece to top off an outfit for a girl's night out or a romantic dinner date. They can be meticulously understated or glamorous and over-the-top"it all depends on your personal style.

What you should be looking for when choosing a diamond-studded earring or necklace is the quality of the metal and the clarity of the stones. Silver or white gold will offer a more timeless look, while yellow gold has a warmer, antique appearance. Of course, the shimmering allure is not to be overlooked as well.

And as for the diamonds themselves, the higher the carat, the more sophisticated the piece will feel. An 18-Carat pair of diamond stud earrings are an excellent way to show off an aura of elegance and luxury.

3) Diamond Rings

About to pop the question? You'll definitely want your ring to be a hit! After all, it's a symbol of your everlasting and timeless love, and it should reflect the uniqueness of your relationship.

When it comes to the diamond, the sky's the limit. You can choose between a range of cuts, sizes, and colours to find the best fit for your future spouse. But don't forget about the setting, either"it should be just as beautiful and special.

For a unique take on the diamond engagement ring, try opting for an antique or vintage setting. While antiques may seem out of place in the contemporary season, this timeless fashionable style will add an extra touch of personality and charm that's sure to last.

But if that's not your thing, no worries! You may consider a two-stone or three-stone ring for a truly bespoke item.

4) Round-shaped Diamond

We can't discuss diamond jewellery without mentioning the most exquisite diamond shape in existence: the round.

Renowned for its classic beauty and timeless elegance, the round-shaped diamond is the most popular choice for an engagement ring encrusted with a diamond. Whether you're talking to someone in the 1980s, '00s, or even modern times, they'd likely only have good sentiments toward the round diamond.

And there's a good reason for its popularity. This shape offers the greatest brilliance and cleanest cut out of any other shape, making it the best symbol of love and commitment. More specifically, this diamond has 58 facets meticulously placed to enhance its symmetry and fire.

The round-shaped diamond is also the most sought-after shape on the market, a sheer testament to its place at the top. So if you're stumped for options when picking out a diamond ring, you can't go wrong with the timeless round.

5) Yellow Diamonds

If you're looking for a non-conformist yet stylish and modern take on the classic diamond, then look no further than the esteemed yellow diamond. This canary-hued stone is unique and eye-catching, perfect for those who want to add a touch of personality to their jewellery collection. They're also made in the same way as clear diamonds, only tinted a different hue due to the presence of nitrogen during their formation.

One of the great things about yellow diamonds is that they come in a 6-colour tonality scale, from a pale lemon yellow to a deep and vibrant canary. And because of their rarity, these diamonds don't often get recognised as a symbol of wealth"making them a great choice for those who don't wish to appear flamboyant.