Respect by Soodox

Respect by Soodox

Soodox, an Australian pharmaceutical company, has announced the launch of its Respect range, a trailblazing line of period products designed to empower women, promote female health and wellness, and reduce the impact of period product waste on the environment. 

The Respect range encompasses Soodox's new line of period products, which includes pads, tampons, period undies, period wash, and more, with a focus on "respecting your health and respecting the environment".
What sets the Respect range apart is that it is made from 100% certified organic materials which are vital for women
health and make the products sustainable.


The Period Organic Cotton Tampons are one product in the range that illustrates this, as they are wrapped in paper rather than plastic or cellophane. Plastic tampon wrappers will sit in a landfill for more than 450 years, whereas paper wrappers take only two to six weeks to decompose; or better yet can go in your household recycling and be turned into something else.

The Period Organic Cotton tampons also use the patented CottonLock system, which means that they include a 360º organic cotton veil, preventing fiber shedding, and has an absorbent core.

The cotton veil stops dangerous fibers from sticking to the vaginal wall and prevents the tampon from unravelling, decreasing the risk of infections and irritation. This feature was important in development, due to 20% of gynaecologist visits being due to episodes of irritation, itching and rashes during and after menstruation.

The Organic Cotton Period Pads are also made entirely with certified organic cotton, and DryWings technology with anti-leak wings for maximum protection.

"Our pads and tampons are made with Certified Organic Cotton, which is grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides, or chemical fertilisers, making them hypoallergenic and preventing the risk of irritation and allergies." said Soodox founder, Shida Kebriti.


Both the Respect tampons and pads are wrapped in biodegradable packaging to maximise sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of period waste. The Respect range also introduces Soodox's Organic Cotton Period Undies, which feature 3D technology for maximum comfort and absorption. The undies are made with certified organic cotton, which means they are free from toxic chemicals including PFAS. They are reusable for up to 100 washes, making them a smart and eco-friendly choice.

In addition, the Respect range is also launching the Natural Period Wash, a 100% natural and pH balanced period wash that cleans, hydrates and soothes delicate skin that can be used at any time during the month. The wash is produced in Australia from a blend of pure ingredients including Monks' Pepper, Calendula, Cucumber extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Leaf extract. Additionally, you can use the period wash to rinse your Soodox Organic Cotton period undies or period cup.

"We are focused on better period care, and the Respect by Soodox gives women healthier, more sustainable period products that they can feel good about," Shida Kebriti added.

"It is so important that in this day and age that respect is at the forefront of women's health. The Respect range was created to encourage openness and solidarity about our period - a natural bod
y function about which no one should ever feel uncomfortable."

The Respect range is now available via the Soodox website and in select stores.
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The Respect range from Soodox brings new innovation to feminine hygene.  The organic cotton undies are super comfortable giving you the confidence to get on with you day. They are equal to 4 regular tampons and hypo-allergenic, and include a wash bag which is great for storing in your car or handbag for those suprise moments. Respect tampons are not only environmently friendly better their 'cottonlock' prevents shedding so no fibres are left in your body.

Have you ever been a little embarrased by that period smell and conscious that others are also aware?  Respect Period Wash is your new best friend, with 100% natural pH balance, will give you the confidence boost you need.