How to find sunscreen you can wear with makeup in 2022

How to find sunscreen you can wear with makeup in 2022

From makeup splitting, to dreaded white cast, or perhaps waking up with breakouts, there are many reasons why people might choose to skip the SPF. If you were being honest, how often do you find yourself actually wearing a facial sunscreen? Keep reading to find out just how important it is to adopt a daily routine that involves SPF, and how you can find sunscreens that work excellently with your foundation in 2022.

Benefits of wearing sunscreen?

When it comes to wearing sunscreen, there are really so many benefits. Besides helping to keep you protected from melanoma and other skin cancers (this dreadful disease continues to rise in incidence every year), there are some other reasons that might have you reaching for the bottle. UV rays are actually the biggest cause of premature ageing like fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Wearing a Face sunscreen can help to shield and provide protection from these rays and keep your skin looking younger for longer. Today's sunscreens are also normally made with a whole host of other skin loving ingredients and can also provide extra hydration and nourishment. 

How else can you stay protected from UV rays?

Of course wearing sunscreen is just one factor when it comes to skin protection. It's important to make sure you're following other skin recommendations like staying in the shade, wearing a hat and sunglasses, protective clothing, and ideally avoid going outside during the hottest part of the day. Don't be fooled though- you can still get sunburnt on overcast, cloudy days too!

Do you need to wear sunscreen under makeup?

It's highly advised to wear sun protection when the UV index is 3 or higher. In Australia, that's actually most of the time regardless of summer or winter. And even if the UV index is below 3, it's actually just an estimate and could potentially be higher. It's a good idea to play it safe and just apply sunscreen everyday to make sure you're in a good sun protecting routine. Luckily, there are many excellent sunscreens that work beautifully under makeup and don't split, meaning there's no reason not to apply!

3 Best Sunscreens Under Makeup in 2022

When it comes to choosing the Best sunscreen under makeup, we've got you covered. Try any one of these depending on your skin type and formula preference for protection from the sun that never causes your makeup to split!


1.    Lean Screen SPF 50+

If you're looking for a great facial sunscreen that won't cause you to breakout, try this zinc sunscreen from Ultra Violette. It's a fragrance-free formula so won't cause any issues if you've got sensitive or reactive skin either. The matte finish is great for wearing makeup over the top or going bare-face too. Bonus points for offering protection from blue light while you're working indoors!

2.    Queen Screen SPF 50+

An SPF50+ sunscreen disguised as a serum, Queen will be your makeup's BFF – lightweight, glow-inducing and never pilling. Coupled with a silky texture and a heavy dose of glow, this sunscreen serum is renowned for her milky, melt-into-your-skin finish that acts as the perfect base for makeup. Perfect for normal to dry skin, Queen is more like a serum than a cream, effortlessly slotting into your skincare routine and imparting broad-spectrum SPF50+ protection with a subtle rose scent.

3.    Supreme Screen SPF 50+

If you prefer a chemical sunscreen formula and don't like a matte finish, then try Supreme Screen from Ultra Violette. It's a hydrating, high SPF formula with a clean scent that triples up as a moisturiser, sunscreen and primer all-in-one.