7 ways you're damaging your lashes without realising

7 ways you're damaging your lashes without realising

Rubbing your eyes


The most frequent beauty mishap many of us are making is 'rubbing our eyes too vigorously'. The topic has had 44.5 million TikTok views, 1 million YouTube videos dedicated to the problem, and has had a 62% increase in searches on Pinterest this year. 


Debbie Law, International Lash Trainer at Nouveau Lashes, explains: "Whilst rubbing your eyes could seem pretty harmless, rubbing them too hard can lead to thinning of the cornea, cause blood vessels to break and result in bloodshot eyes and dark under eyes."



Using expired mascara


Ranking second on the most common lash mistakes, is 'using expired mascara'. The beauty blunder, which has 37.6 million views on TikTok, can lead to irritation, infection and conjunctivitis.


Debbie Law adds, "mascara can potentially have the biggest risk if used past their expiry. If you're using a mascara wand, make sure to use circular motions to gather up the product rather than pumping in and out of the container. This pushes air into the tube, causing the mascara to dry out more quickly and become flaky.


"How you use mascara can be a big indicator of how long the product will actually last. So if it smells funky before the six months, it's likely gone off."


Overusing false lashes


Lash extensions or false lashes make your morning much faster, as you wake up feeling more glamorous with luscious lashes. However, using fake lashes too often can lead to eye infection, allergic reactions and damage to your natural lashes.


If you simply can't resist rushing to the salon to get your lashes done, ​​Debbie Law advises washing your eyelashes everyday with an oil-free Gentle Eye Make-up Remover to remove a build-up of dead skin. To remove bacteria, she recommends using a Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser twice a week, carefully dabbing a towel around the eye area to dry then finally combing through with a disposable mascara wand.


Wearing mascara too often


Wearing mascara too often can be the biggest culprit of eyelash loss, damage to tear film and eye infection. With over 20 million TikTok viewers asking what happens if you wear mascara every day, it's clear we aren't being as kind to our lashes as we should be.


"Most of the damage of wearing mascara lies in the removal process, which is why using mascara every single day can cause lash breakage, as well as making the makeup removal process more difficult," adds Debbie Law. 


"Opt for an oil based makeup remover when removing the mascara, and don't rub the area too aggressively. To remove before bed, use cotton swabs, a Q-tip, or wipes." 


Eyelash curlers


"The most common mistake people make when curling their lashes is applying the mascara beforehand, which is a major culprit of eyelash breakage. Instead of giving that luscious volume you're after, curling the lashes after applying mascara will make them sticky, and more likely to get pulled out by the curler," explains Debbie.


"A good lash curler will help maximise your curl before applying the mascara, and shouldn't damage your lashes if you use it the correct way. Slow and steady is the name of the game - gently squeeze the curler instead of holding it tightly, and use repeat motions instead of pulling or pressing down hard."


Ripping false lashes off


36 million people on TikTok have enjoyed videos of eyelashes being ripped off, however this can cause more harm than good. Debbie says: "We've all been there. It's the end of the day and there's nothing more satisfying than just ripping off your falsies. But this can lead to not only losing your lashes, but damaging the hair follicles so they don't grow back"


"Generally, when used properly, using false lashes won't damage the real ones at all. It's only when you over-apply glue, or pull the lashes off aggressively, that the lashes break off. Using a castor oil can help with gentle false lash removal, use a cotton pad and simply soak them off!"


Sharing mascara


Sharing mascara and other eye products is a massive beauty mishap that can cause harm to your lashes and surrounding area, the potential risk outweighs the benefits of sharing any mascara, liner or shadows. "Sharing cosmetics, especially mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner, can lead to a staph infection, pink eye, and even lash lice," warns Debbie.


So, Although a group makeover can seem like fun at the time, it's best to skip this beauty blunder.