A Hollywood Ending

A Hollywood Ending

A Hollywood Ending

The internationally bestselling author moves to Orion with this sparkling romantic comedy.

Paige Carson- starlet, diva, mess. The daughter of a 80s soapstar and a rock god, it's no wonder Paige has no idea what 'normal' means, and Hollywood life isn't helping matters. She's sick of working with her latest co-star- a boorish Aussie heartthrob- sick of being told she's over-the-hill at 29, and sick of dates that are nothing more than PR stunts. So when she's offered a Shakespearean role in London's West End, it seems the perfect chance to escape La La land, gain artistic credibility and catch up with her best friend who quite the States, and the music business, for a new life as lady of the manor with her British husband.

But Paige is in for a shock. London is a damper, dirtier and far more carb-laden than the world she's used to. As opening night looms, Paige must ditch her Dick Van Dyke accent and learn to stand on her own two feet for the first time. And though she may no longer have her therapist on speed-dial, on her way she'll find real friends and maybe love, too.

"A deliciously funny romantic novel"- The Sunday Times.

A Hollywood Ending has been described as Notting Hill for the noughties. The story features a rough-and-ready Aussie heartthrob (a young Russell Crowe, anyone?) and the Aussie national anthem makes an appearance! Sisman got the idea for the novel from reports that Madonna had advised Gwyneth Paltrow to move to England to find her Mr. Right, which she famously did.

Robyn Sisman was born in LA and lives in Illinois, Geneva, Oxford and Munich as a child. She worked as an au pair, an English teacher in Ethiopia and eventually as a secretary in publishing, working her way up to the top of the literary ladder before swapping it all for motherhood and life as a novelist. Married to the biographer Adam Sisman, Robyn now lives in bath. With four bestsellers to her name, Robyn is a true star in the world of commercial fiction. Her wit and style lend real flair to the fabulous romantic comedy she writes. Robyn's last novel, Weekend in Paris, sold well over 100,000 copies and has been translated into 20 languages.

A Hollywood Ending
Hachette Live Books
Author: Robyn Sisman
Price: $32.99