A Letter From Lusia

A Letter From Lusia

A Letter From Lusia

What happens when you lose control of everything that matters to you?

Luisa has everything in her life running just right. At home she keeps a protective eye on her musician dad and sweet ballerina sister. At school she stays on top of her school work, and has the Motherwell High Twilight Fete running like clockwork. And finally she ha the perfect excuse to actually talk to the Year 12 rock God, Jet Lucas.

But Luisa discovers that juggling so many balls is not easy, and everything begins to spin disastrously out of control. When Luisa's plans come crashing down around her she finds herself suspended without understanding how it all happened. Surely it can't be all her fault? If she can slow down enough to write a letter about her version of events, maybe she can begin to untangle exactly where it all went so wrong...

A funny and poignant story about family loyalty, love and song writing, from the author of the very first Girlfriend Fiction book My Life and Other Catastrophes.

Praise for My Life and Other Catastrophes
'I absolutely loved this book!' It was deadly realistic writing which was funny and convincing at the same time! I'm recommending this book to all my friends.' Sophie 15.
'I loved this story! I just finished Year 10 and Erin seemed really real, like you could totally image the whole thing actually happening. It was funny and easy book to read.' Ellen 16.
'(This) is the perfect book for any teenage girl! I loved every single bit of it! The portrayal of the drama queen and typical teenager in Erin was brilliant. The whole storyline was unexpected yet realistic at the same time.' - Phyllis, 13.
'I loved My Life and Other Catastrophes! It's the best! I haven't yet read the next ones but I am really looking forward to it! I love Girlfriend. Keep on writing, please. - Lani, 13.

Rowena Mohr grew up in rural Queensland. While her brothers and sisters were out milking cows and driving tractors, Rowena stayed inside and read, or acted out her own stories in the bush surrounding the house. She successfully avoided becoming a writer for many years, working as an actor on TV shows such as Carson's Law and Neighbours. Eventually she went back to university and began writing stories for children and young adults inspired by her own remembered experience and how simultaneously awful and wonderful being a teenager really is. She now works as a theatrical agent and lives in Northcote, Melbourne. Book 1 in the Girlfriend series My Life and other Catastrophes, was her first novel for teenagers.

A Letter From Lusia
Allen and Unwin
Author: Rowena Mohr
ISBN: 9781741758740
Price: $14.99