A Teaspoon of Courage

A Teaspoon of Courage

A Little Book of Encouragement for Whenever You Need It, from the international publishing phenomenon that is Bradley Trevor Greive - over 12 million copies sold worldwide and 2 million sold in Australia alone.

'Sooner or later everyone runs up against a brick wall.' So begins the 11th book in the publishing phenomenon that is Bradley's Trevor Greive's Blue Day Book series, with international sales of 12 million copies and a staggering 2 million copies sold in Australia alone. THE BLUE DAY BOOK was 'a lesson in cheering yourself up' that was embraced the world over, and in a similar vein, A TEASPOON OF COURAGE is 'a little book of encouragement for whenever you need it' - a comforting and inspiring boost for those days when we feel we can't cope with whatever the world has to throw at us.

A TEASPOON OF COURAGE recognises that being brave has nothing to do with losing fear: real courage is acting in spite of fear and beating the demons inside us that tell us to give up when life is too hard.

A TEASPOON OF COURAGE is a funny and inspirational companion on the road to self-acceptance and a never-say-die inner coach for the pursuit of our wildest dreams.

A Teaspoon of Courage
Random House Australia
Author: Bradley Trevor Greive
ISBN: 1741665418 / 9781741665413
RRP: $14.95

Small Children love these books to flick through the pictures. Animal loving adults will also adore these and appreciate the comments.