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About Face Look and Feel 10 Years Younger Naturally

A beautiful contemporary book on skin care, and how to age beautifully, with an emphasis on holistic health and the use of natural ('green') products. Aimed at the modern busy woman (all ages) but blokes can sneak a peek at it too.

Topics covered include: Green is the New Black; Ageing Gracefully; Handling Stress; What is Your Beauty Personality; Exercise and Nutrition for Good Skin; Green Alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery; Beauty Sleep; Aromatherapy; Herbal Therapy; Haircare and makeup; the Home Spa for Busy Bodies.

Treatments are outlined, depending on the time available - these range from a 5-minute emergency repair, to a full 28-day skin makeover.

Most of us want to look and feel our best. But did you know that research suggests that women expose themselves to over 200 chemicals a day through their persona-care products along? One in three women are now seeking products that are more natural or eco-friendly. But what is 'natural'? If just five per cent of a product's ingredients are natural, it can be marketed as 'natural', so how can we be sure that what we buy is indeed what it says?

In 'About Face', Kim Morrison and Fleur Whelligan provide a wealth of advice on skin care and self-care for today's busy women of all ages. Their emphasis is on holistic health and the use of natural products. Kim and Fleur will show you how to enjoy life and have fun while you age naturally and gracefully.

Find out about:
  • skin care at the different ages and stages of life
  • the three categories of 'natural' in skincare products
  • 'Nature Foods' versus 'Technology Foods'
  • how to create your own home spa
  • how to avoid top skin enemies
  • tips and recipes for tasty, healthy food
  • the 28-Day About Face Programme - to really turn your life around.

    Morrison & Whelligan
    The authors have already written two highly successful titles - LIKE CHOCOLATE FOR WOMAN and LIKE AN APPLE A DAY - on holistic health and aromatherapy. Kim Morrison is a qualified aromatherapist. She has represented a leading aromatherapy company in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand, presenting workshops and lectures for the last decade. She is also a sportswoman and health and fitness consultant. Fleur Whelligan is a qualified beauty therapist. She has worked as a therapist in Australia and has been a trainer and workshop presenter. She also provides beauty therapy and grooming training for international cabin crew and other corporate clients.

    Review: Insightful, informative and a realistic approach to combating the signs of age from the inside out. Inspiring!

    Random House Australia
    Author: Morrison & Whelligan
    ISBN: 9781869418199 / 1869418190
    RRP: $35.00


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