Absolute Astro by Hedy Damari

Absolute Astro by Hedy Damari

ABSOLUTE ASTRO is all about you. High-profile astrology writer Hedy Damari has put together this comprehensive book, with answers to all your important questions about star signs, ascendants and moon signs. planets and houses. elements, aspects and transits. If you read your "stars", and you want to know more about the ancient mystery of astrology, start here. Includes chapters on: * Love 'n' Lust * Your Zodiac Guides * Your Career * Your Health * Your Saturn Return * Vedic Astrology * Chinese Astrology Bonus 32 pages of Hedy Damari's star predictions for 2006!

So you knkow that Mars spices up your love life and Venus affects which partner you choose. But what influences your career, your health and your family? Why are some of us luckier than others? What makes us dreamers or doers?

Take a look at the other forces in the zodiac and get a much more accurate fix on your cosmic character....then plan for success in every area of life. Reading your 'stars' is just the start.

It's simple, it's fun and it's uncannily accurate.

Absolute Astro
Random House Australia
Author: Hedy Damari
ISBN: 1876624647
RRP: $19.95