Adored is the seventh fabulous novel in the New York Times bestselling It Girl series.

Who would have thought boarding school could be this good?

Jenny Humphrey's time at Waverly Academy has had its ups and downs- from making enemies of the most popular girl at school to stealing her room mates' boyfriend. But now everything has changed- Jenny, Tinsely, Carrie and Brett have put their differences behind them to jointly rule over Waverly Academy- but how long can peace last?

After a rocky start it seems Jenny Humphrey may finally be getting what she's always wanted - popularity. Her adoring, fan club are filming her every move - giving Jenny a taste of wh at it's like to be Waverly's most popular girl, and proving to everyone else that she's achieved true 'it' girl status - after all, who else has their own reality show? But everyone knows the camer sees everything....

Callie Vernon isn't loving the single life after ending things with her long-term boyfriend Easy Walsh. Determined to avoid the threat of becoming an old maid she sets her sights on surprise makeover-hottie, Sebastian. But does she want him for who he really is, or has someon else spotted his potential first?

Praise for IT Girl:
'A sexy, glam new series... the gritty content will appeal to older fans too' Closer.

Praise for Gossip Girl:
'Sex and the City for the younger set' Teen People.

Cecily von Ziegesar grew up in New York City and attended a private girls's school. She always wanted to be a writer, and she was always a gossip, so the Gossip Girl and It Girl novels were inevitable.

Hachette Publishers
Author: Cecily von Ziegesar
ISBN: 9780755346721
Price: $16.99