Ads R Us

Ads R Us

Imagine a future where advertising is everything.....

Claire Carmichael's skill at picking cultural, commercial and scientific trends and taking them one step further into the future has triumphed once again.

Barrett Trent has been raised outside mainstream society so when he is suddenly thrown into a world where advertising is a constant stream of inescapable information and corporations sponsor everything from music to schools, he finds it very hard to take.

He lives with his Aunt Cara, Uncle Adrian and spoilt cousin, Taylor. But his aunt and uncle have a hidden agenda - they work for a company called Ads for Life, which promotes advertising and uses it covertly for political gain. They see Barrett as the perfect guinea pig for their experiments into the effect of advertising on an untouched mind. But Barrett may prove harder to crack than they think.....

Themes include: the role of advertising/persuasion, outsiders and their impact on society, cliques in school, power, authority and responsibility, and finding one's moral centre.

About the Author:
Claire Carmichael's best selling 'Virtual Realities' Trilogy has been short listed for several children's choice awards. Claire is the author of many books for young readers and, under another name, a celebrated author of detective novels for adults. She is an Australian living in Los Angeles, where she lectures in writing at UCLA.

Ads R Us
Random House Australia
Author: Claire Carmichael
ISBN: 1741660475
RRP: $16.95

Hitting close to the bone of today's society, this book is a great insight into today's society and where we are heading.