Aimee Teegarden & Joe Nussbaum Prom

Aimee Teegarden & Joe Nussbaum Prom


Cast: Aimee Teegarden, Yin Chang, Thomas McDonell, De'Vaughn Nixon
Director: Joe Nussbaum
Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: Uncomfortable shoes, a great outfit & a limousine - check.
The perfect night - TBA.

At Prom, every couple has a story and no two are exactly alike. Several intersecting stories unfold at one high school as the big dance approaches Prom portrays the precarious passage from high school to independence as some relationships unravel and others ignite. For Nova Prescott (Aimee Teegarden), it's a battle of wills as she finds herself drawn to the guy (Thomas McDonell) who gets in the way of her perfect prom. Fellow seniors Mei (Yin Chang) and Tyler (De'Vaughn Nixon) harbor secrets, while others face all the insecurity and anticipation that surrounds one of high school's most seminal events. There are hundreds of nights in high school, but there's only one Prom. Featuring an emerging ensemble cast and a powerful soundtrack.

Release Date: June, 2011

From Walt Disney Pictures comes the dramatic comedy Prom, directed by Joe Nussbaum, written by Katie Wech and produced by Justin Springer and Ted Griffin, with Samson Mucke serving as executive producer.
Producers Justin Springer (TRON: Legacy) and Ted Griffin (Up in the Air) are responsible for bringing Prom to Disney.
But just how did these filmmakers decide to make a movie about prom?

Producer Justin Springer explains, "The initial idea was to tell an authentic version of teenage life in high school that wasn't centered on dancing or singing or the pursuit of a sports championship. We wanted a character movie set in high school that is comedic and dramatic at the same time-just like high school is. We decided that by centering the story on prom, the big event became a magnifier that allows teenage emotions to come out."

Screenwriter Katie Wech, a USC film school graduate, makes her feature film debut with "Prom," which is loosely based on her own prom experiences. "Good, bad, or ugly, everyone remembers their prom," Wech says. "I collected prom stories from everyone I could. The script became a very truthful ensemble film that reflected all the people we knew in high school, including myself-I was sort of a Nova. I even had an unlikely romance with my very own Jesse, though mine drove a convertible instead of a Commando."

Justin Springer comments, "Katie Wech wrote a wonderful script that made Disney believe there was enough of an idea to center a movie around a high school's prom."

Next up was finding the director. Producer Justin Springer reveals, "We spent months trying to find the perfect person who could really bring these teenagers to life and find the emotion in their stories."

The producers finally found Director Joe Nussbaum, whose experience directing such teenage flicks as "Sleepover" with Alexa Vega, and "Sydney White," starring Amanda Bynes, made him an ideal candidate to helm "Prom." Joe Nussbaum, a graduate from USC's film school, first wowed audiences with his short "George Lucas in Love" which won awards at the Deauville Film Festival and the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, among others, in 2000. He also helmed "American Pie Presents the Naked Mile."

Joe Nussbaum was drawn to the idea of making a movie centering on prom. As he explains: "I thought if we use the lens of prom to tell those stories, then this could be a great movie. High school is already so wrought with emotion and importance. Every test, every date, every interaction with the opposite sex-it's all just so huge. You take prom and suddenly all your social interactions surrounding prom become so intense."

He proposes, "I think whenever the intensity in life goes up, the laughs that are there get bigger and the drama that's there gets bigger. It's that type of heightened situation that I think makes it a great subject for a movie and for a comedy."

Joe Nussbaum was also a fan of the script. "I loved Katie Wech's writing. She has a great way with dialogue and a great way with telling funny stories that center around high school," he says.

Justin Springer concludes, "We feel fortunate to have Joe on this movie because with such a big cast of teenagers, he did a tremendous job communicating with them on a day-to-day basis and really drawing out what I think are tremendous performances. He's incredibly collaborative, and he's fantastic with the kids. Since he's directed a number of movies that featured teenagers, he really has a passion for telling their stories, in terms of what their emotions would be."

To complete the team and spearhead production behind-the-scenes, the filmmakers tapped director of photography Byron Shah ("An American Crime"), production designer Mark White ("Winter's Bone"), costume designer Shoshana Rubin ("The Informant") and editor Jeffrey M. Werner ("The Kids Are All Right").

Prom Theme
In Prom several intersecting stories unfold at Brookside High as the big dance approaches. Every couple has their own unique story-some relationships unravel and others ignite.

Nova Prescott (Aimee Teegarden) is a true go-getter. As the senior class president at Brookside High and organiser of the upcoming senior prom, she wants the last party of high school to be the best ever! As she puts up prom posters around school excitement is mounting for the big night. Boys are figuring out their "asks," while girls plan their outfits, once they have been asked.

Nova's prom committee includes the equally ambitious Brandon (Jonathan Keltz), artistically bent Mei (Yin Chang), gossipy Ali (Janelle Ortiz), and go-with-the-flow Rolo (Joe Adler). Some of the other seniors are super-jock Tyler (De'Vaughn Nixon) who has an over-the-top romantic plan of how to ask his girlfriend, Jordan (Kylie Bunbury), to the prom. There is also Justin (Jared Kusnitz), who surprises his long-term girlfriend, Mei, with an extremely theatrical "ask."

Meanwhile there's Lloyd (Nicholas Braun) who keeps getting turned down by every girl he asks. He succumbs to advice from his freshman sister, Tess (Raini Rodriguez), in hopes of securing a date for high school's seminal event.

The sophomores are also affected by the prom. Since Lucas (Nolan Sotillo) has fallen hard for fellow classmate, Simone (Danielle Campbell), he is crushed when she accepts a date to prom at the last minute. He's just lucky that his closest friend, Corey (Cameron Monaghan), won't let him sulk and is taking him to the Stick Hippo concert the same night as prom.

Then, in a freak accident, Nova's dreams for the perfect prom are shattered! The building where they stored the prom decorations accidentally burns one evening within weeks of the big event, destroying all their hard work. What to do?

Meet Jesse Richter (Thomas McDonell). Jesse doesn't have the best attitude toward school and makes a habit of antagonizing the principal every chance he gets. When Jesse pushes the principal's buttons in the aftermath of the fire, the principal orders Jesse to help Nova remake the prom decorations-if he wants to graduate. Nova's upset by this development, but what choice does she have? She wants prom to be the BEST!

As the drama unfolds and it gets closer to prom, it's becoming evident that things don't always turn out as one expects. Brookside High's biggest party-the Prom-will be filled with surprises.

Who's going to Prom?
With fourteen characters integral to the story of Prom, the goal was to get the best cast possible so that this movie can stand up over time-just as John Hughes' "Pretty in Pink" and Cameron Crowe's "Say Anything" continue to entertain teenagers and adults to this day.

Producer Justin Springer states, "Casting was top of the list for us in what we had to do to make a great movie. The big thing was finding great actors. We spent a lot of time and put a lot of emphasis on finding the right actors for each of the roles."

As for that process, he continues, "Marcia Ross, Gail Goldberg and Brittainy Roberts of Disney casting saw over 2,000 actors over the course of about four months. Then, Joe Nussbaum and I would see hundreds of actors for call backs."

Director Joe Nussbaum elaborates, "The casting process was long and involved. We looked at hundreds of kids, knowing that we were looking for kids who'd never been in anything. We really had to scour and just turn over every rock and look down every avenue.

Producer Justin Springer says, "There were certain kids we would see, and we were like 'they have to be in our movie!' They might not be our top choice for one role, but we wanted them in our movie, so we would then consider them for the other roles."

Joe Nussbaum admits, "It was exciting to look for people who are new and be open to whoever is right for the role-not worrying about name value."

In the end, Aimee Teegarden, Thomas McDonell, De'Vaughn Nixon, Danielle Campbell, Yin Chang, Jared Kusnitz, Nolan Sotillo, Cameron Monaghan, Kylie Bunbury, Joe Adler, Janelle Ortiz, Jonathan Keltz, Nicholas Braun and Raini Rodriguez-14 actors with distinct personalities-won their roles and became the talented ensemble cast of Prom.

The Who's Who of Prom
Nova Prescott: Aimee Teegarden
"Starry Night is going to be Brookside's best prom ever."
The True Believer
We all know the type?the straight-A student and head of the Prom Committee who makes it all look so easy-possibly because she is a perfectionist who pays obsessive attention to detail in everything she does. Nova is a born pleaser and rule abider who loves her family and wants them to be proud of her. She is passionate about every project she undertakes?but just can't seem to see beauty in imperfection.

Jesse Richter: Thomas McDonell
"I've never walked away from a fight in my life."
The Outsider
Jesse is fiercely independent and lives by his own rules. His hardened exterior and "bad-boy" persona give him a definite anti-establishment vibe. Working to help his mother support the family eats up his free time, so making friends and participating in high school activities, especially Prom, are way down on his list. Jesse is a teen trapped in an adult life-what or who will it take to bust him out?

Tyler Barso: De'Vaugn Nixon
"You think I'd do this for anyone but you?"
Less Than Perfect Prom King
Tyler has it all going on and then some. He is the most popular guy at Brookside High-charismatic, good looking, captain of the Lacrosse team-adored by all. Alongside Jordan, he is one half of the picture-perfect high school couple?but looks can be deceiving.

Jordan Lundley (Kylie Bunbury)
"I want prom night to be perfect."
Born to Be Prom Queen
Oh, to be Jordan?the most popular girl in school! There's no question she was born to be prom queen and wind up with the hottest guy in look at her will tell you that. But Jordan will soon find herself forced to go beyond her comfort zone and find out who she really is?and what she is really made of.

Simone Daniels: Danielle Campbell
"That sounds like fun!"
The Fresh Face
Simone is the girl next door. Beautiful, friendly and accessible, Simone has no agenda-she is free-spirited and approaches life with an open innocence, appreciating the moment. Somehow this outwardly-and-inwardly beautiful girl has flown undetected under the teen-guy radar?until now.

Meikwan and Justin Wexler: Yin Chang and Jared Kusnitz
"I love us."-Mei
The Perfect Couple
Mei is a playfully artistic and stylish senior who has had a long, loving relationship with Justin-a sweet, smart guy who is an understanding, attentive and all-around great partner. They are the perfect couple for all the right reasons. Although Mei thrives on the security of her established relationship, a part of her yearns to experience what lies ahead and discover her own individuality. Their relationship is tested when a secret that could impact their future comes between them.

Lucas Arnaz: Nolan Sotillo
"You're crazy. She doesn't want to go out with me."
The Love-struck Sophomore
Sophomore Lucas is an indie rock geek just about to learn how to balance friendship with love. Lucas tries to stay connected with his best friend Corey while following his heart-which is headed straight for Simone. Lucas doggedly persists in his attempts to get Simone's attention, often enlisting Corey's help, but he lacks the inner confidence to express how he feels.

Corey Coyle: Cameron Monaghan
"That was a Hendrix at Woodstock moment!"
Music Geek
For Corey, life is all about friendship. And that's not a bad thing. Lost in a world of music, he isn't growing up as fast as best friend Lucas and is not ready yet for the real world that awaits after graduation?but that doesn't stop him from trying to help Lucas get the girl of his dreams.

Rolo: Joe Adler
The Dude
Rolo is an effortlessly laid-back, often oblivious guy that doesn't feel the need to prove himself to anybody. He promises to have a knockout date on Prom night, which sounds increasingly suspect as details about her are revealed?his friends wonder will he or won't he have a mystery girlfriend on his arm come Prom night.

Ali Gomez: Janelle Ortiz
"Did he ask you yet?"
The Gossip
Nova's gossip-hungry best friend is a buzzing ball of energy, sticking her nose into everybody else's business, especially Rolo's-she's the most skeptical that his Greek-Canadian girlfriend actually exists.

Brandon Roberts: Jonathan Keltz
"I got into Princeton!"
The Perfect Guy
Ivy Leaguer-in-the-making Brandon is Nova's picture-perfect guy. She believes she is destined to be with him-her parents think so too. But Brandon may not be the heartthrob Nova thinks he is?and thinks she wants.

Lloyd Taylor: Nicholas Braun
"Prom is like the Olympics of high school."
The Reluctant Romantic
Lloyd, who? You go to Brookside? Yes?Lloyd is that kid you see at graduation and realise you never talked to in all of your four years. A comedic character, Lloyd is looking hard for a prom date after he realizes he's never asked a girl to do?well, anything, and now high school is coming to an end. Motivated by the fact that his time is running out and he's left no legacy, Lloyd turns into an unstoppable romantic with a repertoire of funny antics. Putting all his game into play for an all-out prom-date blitz, Lloyd hopes to wind up with a girl?any girl.

Tess: Raini Rodriguez
"Just pretend you're a normal person."
Lloyd's Biggest Fan
As her big brother Lloyd struggles to find a date for the prom, freshman Tess stays steadfastly by his side. Encouraging his every endeavor to ask a girl to the big event, she also isn't shy about pointing out which of his tactics appear overly desperate and lame. And Tess is not about to let Lloyd blow off prom because he comes up dateless-she has an awesome contingency plan.

The New Kids Crash Prom
Thomas McDonell, Nolan Sotillo, Kylie Bunbury, Joe Adler and Janelle Ortiz-of the five newcomers, only Thomas McDonell had been in front of a camera and even then, the two times he appeared on screen were in very small roles.

Regarding Thomas McDonell, who could break out once this movie is released, Director Joe Nussbaum reveals, "Thomas, who plays Jesse, sent in a tape from New York that was good enough that it got him noticed and we brought him to Los Angeles to read."

Producer Justin Springer adds, "Thomas was Jesse Richter without trying and that's exactly what we were looking for. We weren't looking for someone who could 'play' cool, 'play' bad boy. We wanted somebody who just had that natural energy. He had it!"

When it came to the casting of newcomer Joe Adler, who plays Rolo, Springer remembers, "Joe Nussbaum came in for one line, delivered three words, and we were like 'that was hilarious!' We realised we needed him in the movie in a more significant way, so we brought him in and had him read a different part."

As for another find, 15-year-old Nolan Sotillo, who has never been in a movie or television series before, Director Joe Nussbaum says, "Then, there was Nolan Sotillo, who came in at the end of our casting process. He had just moved to Los Angeles and our casting director Marcia Ross brought him in. We all were freaking out when we saw him because we knew he was absolutely the Lucas we were looking for. I remember saying to Marcia Ross, 'Where was Nolan Sotillo before?' and she was like, 'He wasn't here. He just got here!'"

Newcomer Kylie Bunbury, who plays Jordan, reveals, "I'm still thunderstruck by getting this role. I've never acted before and this is my first anything. I moved to Los Angeles in January and this was one of my first auditions. I'm still trying to figure out what they saw in me-I don't have the proper words to convey how amazing this is to me, but now that I'm here and doing it, they can't make me quit now!"

Regarding working with the first-time professional actors, Joe Nussbaum offers, "The fact that a lot of these actors are new was great because of their enthusiasm, their excitement to be in a movie. Plus, they didn't have a lot of bad habits that young actors who've done a lot of television or commercials tend to have. They are just a blank slate who listen well and just want to work and bring something really fresh to their characters."

Vets and Newbies Mix It Up
The veteran actors-Aimee Teegarden ("Friday Night Lights"), De'Vaughn Nixon (upcoming "Now"), Danielle Campbell ("Prison Break"), Yin Chang ("Gossip Girl"), Jared Kusnitz ("Surviving Suburbia"), Cameron Monaghan ("Shameless"), Jonathan Keltz ("Entourage"), Nicholas Braun ("10 Things I Hate About You") and Raini Rodriguez ("Paul Blart: Mall Cop")-enjoyed working with the talented newcomers and showing them the ropes.

Yin Chang, who plays Mei, comments on the cast, "Everyone got along during filming like a family. We hung out together outside of the set as well-going to movies, having dinner together or playing 'game night' at my place. The chemistry among us was fantastic, and we hope you can experience the authenticity of it onscreen."

Sixteen-year-old Danielle Campbell, who had a recurring role on "Prison Break," agrees, "Filming 'Prom' was an amazing experience and I couldn't have asked for a better cast. We all became like a family and I had so much fun."

Joe Adler comments, "Those actors who have been around a little longer are not treating us like newbies and not babying us because we're fully capable. So it's been a really great process."

Aimee Teegarden, who has been acting for the past 10 years and well known from her role in the hit series "Friday Night Lights," says, "There are some people in this movie that pretty much are on their first real job after their first audition. It's been really cool to watch these kids learn different things and grow as actors and people."

Cameron Monaghan, who has been in front of the camera for over 10 years, offers, "My favorite thing about making this movie is probably the total energy everyone had on set. Everyone worked really well together because we all just want to make something great. That's something I really appreciate!"

De'Vaughn Nixon considers, "I was really excited about the caliber of talent we had in this cast both with newcomers and actors who have been in the business for a while. I remember my first projects as an actor, and it was kind of humbling to now be on a set as somewhat of a mentor to the younger cast members."

Nicholas Braun, who has been in front of the cameras since he was 6 years old, including his stint on "10 Things I Hate About You," offers, "It's been fun watching the younger cast fall in love with acting and being on set."

Jared Kusnitz of "Surviving Suburbia" admits, "Even though my scenes were mostly with Yin and Nick, I stopped by and watched the younger kids do their scenes, and I got to tell you, they were just nailing it left and right."

Aimee Teegarden credits the director for being able to connect with the actors, whether new or seasoned: "Joe Nussbaum's fantastic. He is one of those directors that 'gets it' from the actor's point of view. You'll have directors come in and try to explain something to you as an actor and you just can't relate at all. But Joe makes a special point to help us if we're having trouble with a scene or a certain line. He explains it in different ways so we can really connect."

Prior to the start of principal photography, Director Joe Nussbaum gave the cast an assignment. He explains, "I gave the cast three DVDs. Two were John Hughes' 'Pretty in Pink' and 'Breakfast Club,' and the third was Cameron Crowe's 'Say Anything.'"

He continues, "I look to these great directors on how they treated teenage life and teenage characters and I wanted our actors in on it. I didn't necessarily want them to mimic anything I just wanted them to see the tone that I'm going for."

As to why those classic teenage movies have endured through the decades, Producer Justin Springer offers, "Great teen movies are great because they have great casts, and those actors, most of whom were unknown at that time, delivered memorable performances and went on to become great actors."

Screenwriter Katie Wech adds: "The best you can do is aspire to the movies that inspired you, and for me that is definitely anything John Hughes and Cameron Crowe and Chris Columbus. I grew up loving those movies and wanting to be a writer because of them. The reason those movies resonated so much with us is because the characters felt real. And the stories felt true and honest."

Getting in the Action
With the numerous table reads behind them, everyone was ready to be in front of the camera, working under the tutelage of Joe Nussbaum.

Raini Rodriguez comments on her experience, "I've never worked with a director like Joe Nussbaum. He would come up to me before a scene, pull me aside, and wanted to hear my point of view. Then, when we would rehearse the scenes, he'd be right there, watching, looking for the 'realness' in the scene, which is so important."

She confesses, "Nick Braun and I were always changing or flubbing lines and improvising something else that wasn't originally in the script. Joe Nussbaum loved it because it's more real. He was awesome to give us that kind of freedom!"

Jared Kusnitz proposes, "Joe Nussbaum is an actor's director because he comes at you with notes from a character's perspective. For example, a lot of directors will say, 'I want it to LOOK like this,' but Joe Nussbaum's direction is, 'I really want it to FEEL like this,' which changes your read on what he wants."

He adds, "Joe Nussbaum is always open if you want to tweak some words because it doesn't sound how you think your character would sound-he's totally open to whatever ideas you have."

Thomas McDonell, who stars is in his first feature film, says, "Watching Joe Nussbaum direct is interesting because he knows the bigger picture and is dealing with everyone on set, not just the actors but the crew, too, and he's really good at juggling them all."

Janelle Ortiz, one of the newcomers, relays, "This being my first movie, I was so nervous because I had no idea what anything meant-from 'checking the gate' to 'first team'! Joe Nussbaum really helped me out, giving me little words of wisdom. I'm just very appreciative that he was my first director for my first movie because he taught me so much."

Producer Justin Springer maintains, "Joe Nussbaum did a great job at the helm. We really had the best guy for drawing out those performances out of the kids. He came to set every day with tons of passion and enthusiasm and was tireless.He loves what he's doing and that sort of is infectious."

It'll show in the performances of all these actors and the characters they portray in Disney's "Prom."

Where's Prom?
Though Promtakes place in Michigan, it was shot in and around Los Angeles. The filmmakers had to work very hard to find locations-both interior and exterior architecture as well as plant life-that matched what could be found in the Midwest. Needless to say, they had to stay away from palm trees.

The school that represented the exterior and many of the interiors of Brookside High School was the same one used for shooting John Hughes' "Pretty in Pink." "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Teen Wolf" were also filmed there.

Both the name "Brookside" for the high school and the mascot "the Bears" were chosen during the script stage. After John Burroughs Middle School in Los Angeles was chosen for the location of the school, the production team realised that the school mascot was "the Bears" and the school was actually in the "Brookside" neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The production company was given a community beautification commendation by the city of Los Angeles for re-bricking the facade of the historic auditorium entrance and landscaping the front of John Burroughs Middle School.

Music at Prom
Promwas scored by longtime Joe Nussbaum collaborator Deborah Lurie. Deborah Lurie has proven herself to be one of the most versatile composers and arrangers in Hollywood after beginning her career by scoring short films like Joe Nussbaum's celebrated "George Lucas in Love." She went on to score, orchestrate and compose on several features. Most recently, Deborah Lurie scored the Lasse Hallstrom film "Dear John" and the Tim Burton-produced animated feature "9."

The Promsoundtrack album is filled with new and original songs by cutting-edge bands, including:
Those Dancing Days "I'll Be Yours"
Neon Trees "Your Surrender"
Travie McCoy "We'll Be Alright"
AllStar Weekend "Not Your Birthday"
Moon "Time Stand"
Passion Pit "Dreams"
The Weepies "Please Speak Well of Me"
Nolan Sotillo "We Could Be Anything"
Shere "In Deep"
Oh Darling "Prettiest Thing"
Simple Plan "Can't Keep My Hands Off You"
Girl In A Coma "Come On Let's Go"
Opus Orange "Almost There"
Shout Out Louds "Impossible"
Stick Hippo "Stick Hippo"

There are also two songs by cast members featured on the soundtrack and in the film. Thomas McDonell, who has a band called Moon, wrote and recorded "Time Stand" especially for "Prom." Nolan Sotillo recorded "We Could Be Anything" in English for the film and Spanish to be used in Latin markets.

Additional songs featured in the film include more hits and popular indie bands:
Pains At Being Pure At Heart "Heart in Your Heartbreak"
Neon Trees "1983"
The Naked and The Famous "Young Blood"
East Hundred "Slow Burning Crimes"
Smith Westerns "Weekend"
M83 "Too Late"
Katy Perry "Firework"
Taio Cruz "Break your Heart"
Band of Horses "No One's Gonna Love You"

Prom Dresses
Both Nova's (Aimee Teegarden) and Simone's (Danielle Campbell) prom dresses were one-of-a-kind dresses designed by Costume Designer Shoshana Rubin specifically for the film. Both characters are unique and special to the film, so Shoshana Rubin and director Joe Nussbaum discussed how they wanted the dresses to reflect the characters.

"It was fun to create the dresses for a dream prom-especially the prom-night scene-and make it special," says Shoshana Rubin.

Nova's dress is a soft pink with gold metallic undertones to give an ethereal, princess look. The dress doesn't always look the same, depending on the lighting, and has a "golden moon glitter" tone to it.

Simone's dress was purposely designed to blend in with the prom decor as if she were not even there then later, away from the prom backdrop, she stands out. Simone's dress was especially hand-dyed to create the varying hues.

Both Aimee and Danielle were excited to have input into their dresses and met with the seamstress when Shoshana Rubin brought in the fabric choices.

Costume Designer Shoshana Rubin chose Mei's dress from vintage stock and found Kylie's dress off the rack in a retail store.

Fashion design house Alfred Angelo collaborated with Walt Disney Pictures to dress the remaining female cast for prom night from their 2011 Niki for Alfred Angelo prom collection. Nova's and Simone's dresses (manufactured and distributed by Alfred Angelo) along with the 2011 Niki for Alfred Angelo collection are available at Alfred Angelo's Signature stores and other retailers across the country.

Check Prom Out!
Director Joe Nussbaum considers, "Everyone who shows up to the prom got there some way that was unique to them-whether they're going with a girlfriend or boyfriend whom they've been with for years or they're going with someone that they've had a crush on and finally asked, or they're going with just a good friend, or whether they end up going alone."

Cameron Monaghan, who plays one of the sophomores, agrees, "Everyone, whether they're in high school, going into high school, or already out of high school, will have a character that they'll latch onto and want to follow their experiences. It's a very relatable story and I think that's something that you want in a movie."

His fellow cast mate, newcomer Nolan Sotillo, offers, "Everyone is going to find at least one person they can relate to at one point in the story. If this person's going through a rough patch and they need a little inspiring, they can be like, 'look what happened' and see how each character is so precisely developed throughout."

Jonathan Keltz, who is in HBO's "Entourage," offers, "I think people are really going to connect with the characters. It's about everyone's individual journeys and relationships and the celebration of that sort of 'last hurrah.' It's about their last big night together and really making the most of that night because you're going to cherish and remember it for the rest of your life."

Nicholas Braun comments, "Our movie's got the humor, the love, the emotion, the reality of kids struggling to find romance in high school. It's got all those great elements that you know a John Hughes movie has it's like a rebirth of good high school movies." He adds, "Plus, I don't believe there's been a film all about prom."

Newcomer Janelle Ortiz says, "I hope our generation watches 'Prom' and falls in love with it, so when they get older, they can introduce their children to the movie that best captured their high school experience, like my mom did for me with John Hughes' films."

Aimee Teegarden suggests, "Prom is one of those things that happen in your life that is like your first kiss or your wedding day. Everybody remembers their prom, whether it was good or bad. Even if you don't have a prom in your country, there are those kind of coming-of-age events where everybody can relate to those teen angst feelings-that kind of awkwardness where you have that big gasp of 'oh my gosh, I'm almost an adult and I have to be in charge of myself!'"

As for his thoughts on the finished movie, Director Joe Nussbaum offers, "Caring about characters is vital to liking a movie, to thinking that it's good."

He continues, "Hopefully, you're led into the world of these teenagers enough to know how they feel. I think they're likable characters, lovable characters, and if you can relate to what they're going through, that's why you're going to care what happens next."

The Big Night
When the big night comes, Prompromises to deliver a film filled with humor and drama. With its share of teen angst balanced by both comedic and heartfelt moments, Promwill immerse the viewing audience in a relatable world with several storylines populated by original characters drawn from the high school experience.

As Director Joe Nussbaum says, "Every couple, every person has a story. This movie tells all those stories-and everyone out there can relate to one of those stories and feel like it resonates with their own prom experience."


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