Kristina Ho Power Rangers Interview

Kristina Ho Power Rangers Interview

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Star Kristina Ho

Ho stars in the lead role of Betty Burke, an ambitious cadet at the Grid Battleforce and older sister of Ben Burke. While being the comedic duo of the show, Betty tends to be more impulsive and outgoing than Ben, often dragging her brother into situations he'd rather avoid. Ho is similar to her character with her drive and passion in everything that she does. Her love for fitness and nutrition has aided her in all of her rigorous stunt training, having to train in a harness at least a few times a week while filming the show in New Zealand. The latest series in the iconic franchise premiered in March on Nickelodeon receiving positive reviews and excitement from fans. You can see full episodes of the show and dive into more videos here on Nickelodeon.

Interview with Kristina Ho

Question: What (or even who) originally inspired your passion for acting?

Kristina Ho: This is going to sound extremely random (and maybe even a little weird), but the film Happy Gilmore inspired me. I was in 3rd grade when I first saw that movie (probably too young to be watching it to be honest), but I just remember laughing SO MUCH. It was the funniest thing and I just remember thinking, "Wow. That movie made me really happy. I want to do that. I want to help make other people happy and laugh just like that movie did." That was one of the reasons I wanted to get in the industry. It wasn't until high school where I actually started to act.

Question: Can you tell us about Power Rangers Beast Morphers?

Kristina Ho: Beast Morphers is the 26th and 27th season of Power Rangers! It's the first season where it is owned by Hasbro, which is honestly mind blowing to be a part of the start of the Hasbro era for Power Rangers! Being a part of a show that has been running for this long is a huge honor, but it is also kind of intimidating since we have such big shoes to fill! We don't want to let anyone down. I'm proud to be a part of a show that actually teaches kids about values and friendship and working as a team for the greater good. It's seriously an awesome, heart touching, and action-packed show!

Question: How would you describe your character, Betty Burke?

Kristina Ho: Betty is an absolute freaking riot. She and Ben are the comedy duo of the show. We are there to make the kids laugh (especially when the show can get pretty dark). She is completely endearing, always trying her hardest to help out the Rangers in whatever way she can. Whether it's out on the fighting field, or inventing new things for them to use, keeping watch, etc. the list goes on. Betty is definitely the bolder one of the duo. She is, most of the time, over confident about her skills. She and Ben will fail at their missions a lot, but unlike Ben, she isn't afraid to try again and go head first into things. She takes her endeavors very seriously and is very proud to be a part of Grid Battleforce.

Question: How are you similar to your character?

Kristina Ho: I relate to Betty a lot in the sense where we are both courageous, ambitious, loud and will always try to do what is right and help out whenever we can. I think I'm definitely "the helper" in my friend group. I want everyone to be okay and happy – usually putting others before myself, just like Betty. Which I am constantly learning that even though it is nice to help people, I just can't forget about helping myself and taking care of myself!

Question: You filmed the show in New Zealand, what was that like?

Kristina Ho: It's been a lot of hard work, fun, exciting, eye-opening, rewarding, heart touching and of course life changing. And plus, we get to see the beautiful New Zealand. If anyone ever has a chance to come visit, do it. It is seriously just stunning. I still can't believe we film here, and that this has been our home for the past seven months! There was one day where we filmed on this gorgeous beach, and after we wrapped, the whole cast just jumped in the ocean and went for a swim. I will never, ever forget it. Filming here has been a dream.

Question: Can you tell us about the rigorous stunt training you had?

Kristina Ho: Betty and Ben surprisingly have a lot of stunts in Beast Morphers (which has been one of my favorite parts). I'm usually in a harness about once a week or so, flying across the room, falling down from a high spot, getting flipped, getting spun, etc. It's definitely intense, but oh so fun. Not everyone gets to do that for their job! There have been many times on set where we're doing such crazy and fun things, and the cast and crew are like, "We're getting paid to do this!" The Japanese and New Zealand stunt team are extremely helpful (and insanely talented) and are always making sure that Cosme (who plays Ben) and I are safe. We definitely couldn't do any of these things without them.

Question: How did your passion for fitness and health help during this training?

Kristina Ho: To be honest, it is hard staying in shape when you're working so much! That's why you have to take every little chance you can get to take care of yourself. I will work out on weekends, taking HIIT classes, doing weight training, or even yoga. On some days when I just don't have that much time, I'll just dance in my room or do a quick workout at home with my roomies. My roommates and I go grocery shopping once a week and we cook healthy meals at home. We still treat ourselves once in a while by eating out after a long week of work, because you have to treat yourself once in a while! And to be honest, we just love food too much.

Question: What was the best part about being on set for Power Rangers Beast Morphers?

Kristina Ho: The crew. We work long, 14-hour days. Starting our days before the sun comes up, and then coming home from work when the sun is down and immediately preparing and memorising our lines for the next day! Sometimes it can be tiring, but the crew always has a smile on their face (not to mention they work so hard). We truly have been so blessed to work on a production where everyone has been so kind and supportive. You can just tell that everyone really enjoys their job. The saying, "you can't pick your family," really rings true in this industry. When you sign on to work on a project for a couple of months or years, you don't really know who is going to work with you until you get there! You're forced to be with them every day and sometimes, it's not the best experience. But in this case, we just got extremely lucky. No, you can't pick your family, but you can pick your friends. I'm so glad that they are my family and also my true, dearest friends.

Question: What's next, for you?

Kristina Ho: Going back to LA after we wrap at the end of May! I am honestly so pumped! I can't wait to start auditioning again. Hopefully you'll see me on the next big T.V. show!

Interview by Brooke Hunter
Photo Credit: Stephanie Girard


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