Alice Miranda at School

Alice Miranda at School

Alice-Miranda at School

Move over, Matilda, and step aside, Madeline, there's a new charming miniature heroine about to make her mark.

Can one tiny girl change a very big school?

When Alice-Miranda decided it was time to attend Winchesterfield-Downs-fordvale Academy for Proper Young Ladies, she had to console her weeping parents and wave goodbye to her home. She soon discovered strange things afoot at the school. Without hesitation, Alice-Miranda set forth righting wrongs and making things just so.

And here lies the lovely adventures of seven-and-one-quarter-year-old who has to undertake some of the scariest and most downright impossible tests ever attempted by a young girl. Can she really beat the meanest, most spoilt girl at school in a solo sailing mission? Could she camp in the forst all on her own for five whole days and nights? Well, of course. This is Alice Miranda, after all.

Alice Miranda Highton-Smith-Kennington-Jones is a powerhouse of positive thinking, a problem solver and a friend to all- she's quite simply unstoppable.

Her author, Jacqueline Harvey, was until recently the Deputy Headmistress at Abbotsleigh Girls' School. She is now the school's Director of Development (a role described to her by one of her students as being 'in charge of all the parties').

Harvey comes across girls who remind her of Alice-Miranda every day, which has inspired her to create an action-packed story for readers 8 years and up. A truly positive heroine, Alice-Miranda is funny, kind, optimistic and can solve just about any problem. The classic boarding school setting taps into all the excitement of adapting to school life and being surrounded by friends.

Jacqueline Harvey has spent her working life teaching in girls' boarding schools. She is pleased to say that she has never yet encountered a headmistress like Miss Grimm, but she has come across quite a few girls who remind her a little of Alice-Miranda.

Jacqueline has published three novels for young readers. Her first picture book, The Sound of the Sea, was awarded Honour Book in the 2006 CBCA Awards. She is currently working on Alice-Miranda's next adventure.

Alice-Miranda at School
Random House Australia
Author: Jacqueline Harvey
ISBN: 9781741664515
Price: $15.95