Aliki Says

Aliki Says

If you liked looking for Alibrandi, you'll love Aliki Says!

As a high school teacher; Irini Savvides has an innate understanding of life as a teenager in multicultural Australia. In 'Aliki Says' her experiences in the classroom and her affinity with young people shine through her stunning portrayal of two girls struggling to come to terms with a family secret.

Using emails, poems, quotes from plays, outlines of school projects, and retelling of events from different points of view, as well as traditional narrative, Irini is able to truly draw the reader into the lives of the characters.

Aliki and Liza are friends as well as cousins. They share everything - friends, ideas, dreams and school - they're more like sisters than anything else.

When Liza flies to Greece with her mother to bring her grandmother home to Five Dock, everything changes forever. Secrets that have long been hidden are dragged into the light of day. Aliki's family is on the move, pieces of the puzzle are thrown up in the air and settle to form a new picture.

Both girls find new directions in their lives and have to reassess the bonds that hold them together.

Aliki Says
Ages: 14+
Random House Australia
Author: Irini Savvides
ISBN: 1741662060
RRP: $17.95