Amelia Dee and the peacock lamp

Amelia Dee and the peacock lamp

Amelia Dee lives in a house on Marburg Street, with a beautiful Peacock Lamp outside her bedroom door. Her father is an inventor, her mother a sculptor, and the enigmatic L.K. Vishwanath practises yoga in the garden.

Amelia herself has a lively curiosity and a talent for writing stories.

Intrigued by Mr Vishwanath and his one-and-only student, Amelia stumbles intoa secret life of Princess Parvin Kha-Douri. Why does Mr Vishwanath teach such an unpleasant woman? And why does she share Amelia's fascination for the Peacock Lamp?

In solving the mystery, Amelia will discover more than she could ever imagine about history, philosophy, pride and the power of stories.

A funny, touching novel from bestselling author Odo Hirsch, charged with ideas and peopled with memorable characters.

Odo Hirsch was born in Australia where he studied medicine and worked as a doctor. He is now a business strategy consultant based in London. His books for children are favourites with young and old and have been translated into several languages.

Allen & Unwin
Author: Odo Hirsch
Age: 8-12
ISBN: 9781741753011
RRP: $15.95

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