An English Psychic in Hollywood

An English Psychic in Hollywood

'All the cliches met me at the airport. It was cartoon land. Blue sky, yellow hair, white teeth. Not only did I look out of place - my teeth were yellow and my legs were neon white - but I felt it. There is a reason green card holders are called alien residents, we are aliens.'

Sparklingly original and hugely entertaining, An English Psychic in Hollywood, is the magical tale of Lucinda Clare's personal experiences as an actress and psychic among the stars of Hollywood. Like a cross between Jackie Collins and Bridget Jones, there is glitz and glamour mixed with dating dilemas and wardrobe malfunctions.

And so begin Lucinda's Hollywood adventures. With the help of crazy Astrid, wannabe actress Lucinda goes from English outsider to Hollywood insider with the Magic words, 'I'm psychic!' Suddenly everyone wants to talk to her, from movie stars to cops, screenwriters to sex slaves - A-list film stars to borderline-psychotics.. But although she can predict their futures, she can't see her own.

Lucinda finds herself falling for the archetypal tall, dark, handsome stranger.
Will her dreams come true?
Will she ever find her soulmate?
Only time, some crazy pool parties and seeing everyone else's happily ever afters will tell....

A irresistable, funfilled, tale of finding a soulmate among the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

An English Psychic in Hollywood
Random House Australia
Author: Lucinda Clare
ISBN: 0091905494 / 9780091905491
RRP: 32.95